Tanger - Ciudad

"With the exception of the blistering opening cut "Avenida", most of the songs on the sophomore release Ciudad from Argentina's Tanger take on a more jazzy vibe than the heavy King Crimson influence heard on their debut La Otra Cara. For the most part, the music on Ciudad will remind you a lot of the recent Ian Anderson solo output, but with Eduardo Ferreyra's electric guitar battling it out for the solo spotlight with the melodic flute jaunts from Damian Lois. While the music on their debut was dark and sometimes dissonant, here the band takes on a lighter and more laid back stance, with tunes like "Plaza Mayor" and "Cortada" whisping along with a proggy, jazzy, classical flair. While the production here is much better than their debut, as all the instruments sound crystal clear and even in the mix, some of the edge of the debut is missed. They do venture out into aggressive material on occasion though, like on the two-part "Pasacalle Y Fugazzetta", with crunchy guitars, pounding rhythms, and soaring flute, but mostly this is very melodic stuff that is gentle on the ears. Fans of lighter fusion and classically oriented instrumental rock music should really dig this, and if you love flute then you have come to the right place."-Sea of Tranquility
  • LabelViajero Inmovil
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