Tempus Fugit / Annie Barbazza / Lino Capra Vaccina - Tarkus Revisited CD

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“It is the second time producer Max Marchini respecfully dare to revisit timeless classics.
First with The North Sea Radio Orchestra on the critically acclaimed “Folly Bololey”, issued on Dark Companion Records. Now with this stunning revisitation of Tarkus, the revolutionary masterpiece written by Greg Lake and Keith Emerson over 50 years ago and issued by ELP on Island on June 14, 1971.
The project was conceived when Max, under Greg Lake’s agreement, was the artistic director of the reborn Manticore Reords. “We don’t want to be nostalgic”, said Max, “but performing such a revolutionary music, so influential, is keeping the flame alive; as we did for Wyatt’s Rock Bottom, we dared to re-propose this music in the same way we do play Mozart or Bach, or Mussorgdky”.
Percussionist and teacher, Massimo Pastore originally transcribed the suite for a percussion ensemble then Tempus Fugit’s artistic director Francesco Brianzi arranged beautifully for his ensemble which includes North Sea Radio Orchestra’s vibraphonist Tommaso Franguelli ro celebrate the 50th anniversary of ELP’s classic.
Originally instrumental only conceived, Brianzi and producer Marchini invited avant/prog star Annie Barbazza to sing all the vocal parts respecting Greg Lake’s original intention. Barbazza’s multi talented musicianship and stunning voice was eventually discovered by the late Greg Lake himself, who produced her for Manticore Records’s critically accaimed “Moonchild”. So the connection happened naturally and gave a further push to the arrangement, adding haunting grace in songs like Battlefield.
The energy of Tempus Fugit is astounding: they gave brutal fierce and intimate melancholy to the immense symbolist masterpiece written by Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Barbazza asked her friend Gregory Chiesa to join lead vocals on Mass. But the rest of the CD songs aren’t certainly just a filler: Tempus Fugit arranged another Lake’s timeless classic: Moonchild read in a new, contemporary arrangement but respectful of his lunatic beauty. While working with Italian avantgarde legend Lino Capra Vaccina, who is eventually writing a classical contemporary piece for Tempus Fugit, they asked him to conceive and play a sort of a new avantgarde coda for Moonchild. So Brianzi gathered together at Elfo Studio with producer Marchini, Capra Vaccina and Franguelli one incense flavoured full moon evening and recorded Descent Into The Void that brings the Ensemble into the most daring experimental fields under Vaccina’s direction.
Franguelli wrote a beautiful arrangement under the advice of Massimo Orlandini, our label owner, of Keith Emerson’s Abbadon’s Bolero that ends this album which is heartfelt dedicated of the memory of Greg Lake and Keith Emerson.”
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