Karmamoi - Room 101 CD

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Daniele Giovannoni – Drums, Keys, Programming
Alex Massari – Guitars
Alessandro Cefalì - Bass
Guest Musicians :
Sara Rinaldi - Vocals
Adam Holzman - Piano and Moog
Steve Unruh - Violin and Flute
Valerio Sgargi - Tenor and Choir
Emilio Merone - Piano
Francesca Zanetta - Solina

“ROOM 101 is the fifth studio album of KARMAMOI . The album is inspired by George Orwell's ‘1984’. It revisits some of the novel’s themes and concepts, adapting them to the present day and focusing on the human mind and its weaknesses.
Produced by Daniele Giovannoni, co-produced by Mark Tucker and Octavia Brown, ‘Room 101’ features the partecipation of some great musicians, including Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson) and Steve Unruh (United Progressive Fraternity).”
  • LabelKarmamoi
  • UPC7427245006102
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