Buco Del Baco - Sotto Il Segno Della Lampreda CD

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Hopefully I don’t have to tell you that these folks are NOT really a band of 70s musicians who were revived from their cryogenic slumber in the 20s in order to rock you ‘Under The Sign Of The Lamprey” with their (admittedly very good) retro Rock Progressivo Italino ...

“A band of musicians from the seventies to the present day, who escaped an unlikely plane crash awakened from a cryogenic sleep after being hibernated in an iceberg? "Under The Sign Of The Lamprey" is the name of the album proposed by the prog band IL BUCO DEL BACO, a concept that will lead us under the mysterious seabed, among anemones, corals and abyssal creatures in search of the "Great Lampreda".
Between vintage and contemporary sounds and irreverent and self-ironic texts full of musical and non-musical quotes, a marine journey in the smell of a nostalgic past.”
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