Osanna - 50 Il Diedro del Mediterraneo CD + DVD

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"We wanted to follow a path that started from those mythical 70s, from that cultural revolution that gave space to a new dimension of counterculture. I also wanted to take up various quotes to ourselves, citations of atmospheres rather than musical in the strict sense, such as the song Tu, dedicated to Danilo Rustici, who passed away in February of this year, which is linked to There Will Be Time.
Dylan, to King Crimson, the recovery of our Neapolitan tradition, committed lyrics...In short, we try to keep banality at bay by offering a record full of ideas that look to the past to project towards the future.
And the DVD:
"The film is called Osannaples and we have already presented it in two very important festivals. It is directed by M. Deborah Farina, a young Roman director who knows Osanna better than me and also on the counterculture of those times, on the youth revolution of Naples in the post 1968 time, a city that at the time was practically dying and that we young people have completely overturned. There are a lot of historical documents, often unpublished, and many speakers who have told our story. The film will be attached to our new album in DVD format and then it will be presented in many other international festivals. The book is written by the journalist Franco Vassia, it is entitled Man: on the notes of a sailing ship, published by Jacobelli Editore and describes my life, the Neapolitan counterculture and all my political verve. Then clearly the whole history of the band with a large series of anecdotes, photographs and more."-Lino Vairetti
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