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“Tin Pan Alley were founded in Baden-Württemberg in 1978. They played progressive rock in the style of the early 1970s. The band’s mastermind was their singer and bassist, Ernst Sinn.
In 1981, they went to the Ege-Sound-Studio in Bad Schussenried, which was also used for recordings by acts like Anyone’s Daughter, Kraan, McOil, and Eric Burdon. That’s where Tin Pan Alley recorded four tracks (45’) as a demo tape they subsequently sent to about 15 to 20 labels. The attempts, however, were not successful, they received only negative replies. Which was actually not surprising as the popular genre of that time was the Neue Deutsche Welle.
Ernst Sinn, however, wouldn’t take that line. Tin Pan Alley’s work was anachronistic as early as 1981, completely out of date. The album thus remained unreleased back then and is now for the first time released legitimately, drawn from Dieter Ege’s master tapes.”
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