Tiptons Saxophone Quartet and Drums - Tiny Lower Case

The Tiptons are a great sax quartet who feature two very strong talents co-leading the project: Amy Denio and Jessica Lurie. Great saxophone music that obviously is rooted in jazz and goes way way beyond those roots; they say " A mix of ska, punk, funk, spoken word, rock mash-ups, anthems, songs of joy, noise bop, jazz and traditional Italian music." Well, yeah!

This is their 11th album. This is a great listen with strong tunes, playing and singing. I mean, that covers everything, doesn't it?

"Each Tipton contributes a potent and unique voice in the band. The group features Jessica Lurie and Amy Denio, original members and lead composers of the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet (BTMSQ). Founder Amy Denio (alto sax, clarinet, voice) works in the international creative new music scene, and composes for dance, film, and multi-media. Jessica Lurie (alto and tenor sax and voice) has a background in jazz, Eastern European music, songwriting, improvisation and multi-media, as well as a long stint on the jam band scene as a member of Seattle's The Living Daylights. Tina Richerson (baritone saxophone and voice) is based mostly in traditional jazz, creating beautiful micro-big band arrangements for the group. Sue Orfield (tenor sax, voice) brings a unique voice to blues scenes around the country, combining her love of jazz, rock, funk and bluegrass to her playing. Drummer Robert Kainar, is one of the most wanted drummers of the Austrian Jazz scene. His work with artists like Ann Klein, k3, dreamhunter, Lisa Wahlandt and many others made him well known all over the globe. His style oscillates between jazz, club beats, trance, noise and drum and bass and he creates a space for improvisation and artistic freedom."
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