Various Artists - British Beat Collection, Volume Three : 3 x CD box set (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This music is taken from transcription discs, usually pressed in quantities of 100, and used for broadcast in various countries in the mid/late '60s. The discs were then supposed to be destroyed, but many weren't. The accent is on British Beat music with a healthy dollop of pop music mixed in. Every group has a very short interview with Brian Mathews along with songs performed and recorded in the Paris Theater, a studio on Bond Street, or the Playhouse Theater for use on transcription discs. The interviews aren't really that intrusive, and add a real period charm to the whole thing. There's nothing really new here as far as innovative playing or arrangements--hence the three "star" rating. But for fans (like me) of this type of music from this era most tracks are at least worth that rating if not a bit higher--simply, its just great to hear music from the mid/late '60s that was recorded for transcription use only and hasn't been heard for many years until now.
Some bands were relatively well known in Britain (but possibly not in America at the time) including The Sorrows, The Mindbenders, Alan Price Set, The Alan Bown Set, and Steampacket (with vocalists Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, and Rod Stewart). Other groups were lesser known but still had some good songs, like The Koobas, Paul Ritchie & The Crying Shames, The Soul Mates, The Checkmates, and a few other bands.
The term transcription disc may conjure up ideas of scratchy, muddy sound. But this set is far from that with good/very good sound--clean, warm, and fairly crisp sounding overall. The 17 page booklet has an informative essay on the era, the music, and how these recordings were used. Plus there's a list of band members for each group and a b&w photo of many of the bands. Each disc slips into a cardboard jacket with a nice photo-shopped '60s period-looking graphic on the front cover, and a track list on the back cover. Everything fits into a substantial cardboard clamshell style box with glossy graphics and a track list on the back of the box.”
British Radio 1967 - 1970 • Featuring Warm Sounds, Pinkerton’s Colours, The Bunch, Scaffold, Blossom Toes plus many more • Over 75 tracks, professionally re-mastered with background liners and rare archival photos. Disc One WARM SOUNDS 10TH MAY 1967 1. Birds and Bees 2. Sweetie 3. THE BARRON KNIGHTS 11TH APRIL 1967 4. Lazy Fat People 5. Condemned 6. PINKERTON’S COLOURS 21ST SEPTEMBER 1966 7. Magic Rocking Horse 8. Summer In The City 4TH JULY 1967 9. Mum and Dad 10. I'll Always Love You 11. On A Street Car THE FORTUNES 23RD MAY 1967 12. Waterloo Sunset 13. Just Another Dream 14. THE BUNCH 20TH NOVEMBER 1967 15. Spare a Shilling 16. Looking Glass Alice THE MIRAGE 8TH MAY 1967 17. Wedding Of Ramona Blair (with interview) 18. Hold On PETER AND THE WOLVES 2ND JANUARY 1968 19. Lantern Light 20. Little Girl Lost and Found AMEN CORNER 8TH AUGUST 1967 21. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band THE SCAFFOLD 6TH MARCH 1968 22. Do You Remember 23. Yellow Book 24. Carrion Crow BLOSSOM TOES 25TH MARCH 1968 25. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (with interview) 26. Love Is THE ORANGE BICYCLE 31ST MAY 1968 27. Jenskadajka 28. Carpet Man 16TH JULY 1969 29. Hazy Shade of Winter 7TH JANUARY 1970 30. She Belongs to Me 6TH APRIL 1970 31. She's a Rainbow Disc Two ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA 27TH MAY 1968 1. All Along The Watchtower 2. Mary Jane 3. Something Else TOMORROW 18TH SEPTEMBER 1967 4. Revolution 5. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs THE ALAN BOWN! 27TH SEPTEMBER 1967 6. Penny For Your Thoughts 29TH NOVEMBER 1967 7. Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies 8. Toyland 9. Love is a Beautiful Thing THE SPECTRUM 8TH AUGUST 1967 10. Portobello Road 11. Mocking Bird 3RD JANUARY 1968 12. Headin' for a Heatwave 13. I Take What I Want 18TH JUNE 1968 14. London Bridge is Coming Down 15. Fire THE GUN 6TH NOVEMBER 1967 16. Hold On 17. A Most Peculiar Man 8TH NOVEMBER 1968 18. Race With the Devil (with interview) 19. Sunshine 20. Take Off THE ECLECTION 28TH OCTOBER 1968 21. Please 22. Morning Of Yesterday PAUL WILLIAMS SET 15TH JANUARY 1969 23. Think 24. I Don't Need No Doctor EARTH 13TH AUGUST 1969 25. Broke 26. Resurrection City 27. CUPID’S INSPIRATION 24TH JUNE 1968 28. Dream Disc Three THE LOCOMOTIVE 24TH JANUARY 1969 1. Mr Armageddon 2. Fresh Garbage 7TH MARCH 1969 3. I Am A Lonesome Hobo JACKIE LOMAX 16TH JUNE 1969 4. New Day 5. Fall Inside Your Eyes FAT MATTRESS 6TH OCTOBER 1969 6. Naturally 7. Mr Moonshine 8. Happy My Love (with Noel Reading interview) FLAMING YOUTH 27TH OCTOBER 1969 9. Guide Me Orion 10. In The Light Of Love CARTOONE 14TH JANUARY 1969 11. A Penny for the Sun 12. The Sadness of Toby Jug 13. Doing What My Mama Said JUNIOR’S EYES 28TH OCTOBER 1968 14. Hang Loose 15. By The Tree (On The Second Dream on your Right) ACID GALLERY 11TH DECEMBER 1969 16. Born To Be Wild 17. Dance Around The Maypole LOVE SCULPTURE 2nd APRIL 1968 18. Brand New Woman 19. Do I Still Figure In Your Life 28TH JANUARY 1969 20. Farandole 21. ORA 8TH OCTOBER 1969 22. Sea Shore
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