Various Artists - Old Wine New Skins (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"A diverse roster of recording artists - spanning half a century between the oldest and youngest - have contributed contemporary interpretations of traditional English songs to a new album released as a companion piece to The Folk Handbook: Working With Songs From The English Tradition.
This album compiles 17 songs from the book in performances all but one of which have been recorded in recent years; many have been recorded specially for this album and thus are unavailable elsewhere."

"New twists on old songs without modernising them. Manages to keep a very folk feel to what is a fairly dark collection of songs. These old, old songs are performed very much in the traditional way, both by young new performers and seasoned folk musicians. This is a beautiful trip back in time. Allow me to say that Lucy Wainwright-Roche's unaccompanied version of "Barbara Allen" which starts off the album (she is probably the youngest performer here) is so beautifully crystalline and affecting that it is worth the price of the album in itself. Best folk album I have brought in years by far."
Barbara Allen by Lucy Wainwright Roche
Long Lankin by The Devil's Interval
Geordie by The Green House Band
The Outlandish Knight by James Raynard
O Pleasant and Delightful by Noel Harrison
Poison In a Glass of Wine by Michael Weston King
A Blacksmith Courted Me by Lisa Knapp
John Barleycorn by Barry Dransfield
Edward by James Yorkston The Athletes
What Is the Life of a Man? by Michael Weston King
The Little Gypsy Girl by Robin Williamson
The Bonny Labouring Boy by Sabbath Folk
Come Write Me Down by Serafina Steer
The Unquiet Grave by Circulus
The Banks of Sweet Primroses by Tom Paxton
The Broomfield Wager by Jacqui McShee's Pentangle
Adieu to Old England by Shirley Collins
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