Turtle Island String Quartet - 4 + Four (special)

SKU 11-Telarc 06302
"This is a just a great album to listen to. Weird and wonderful music, executed with joy and precision. There's a lot of power in this music, but it's delivered with such frivolous confidence that you barely notice there's a giant in the room. And as an added bonus, the album is sonically extremely pleasing. This recording has fantastic presence and ambience. A definite buy."-Marc Mowrey

"As a founding member of this group, I want to say that this current lineup (with 2 of the original members) is one of the most versatile and powerful lineups for this band ever. And this recording is in many ways the best ever, technically and musically. Anyone who is interested in the TISQ, or string music of any kind, should buy this CD immediately!"-Darol Anger
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