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SKU Viima 003 LP
Risto Pahlama - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Mellotron
Hannu Hiltula - Flute, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Aapo Honkanen - Bass
Mikko Uusi-Oukari - Guitars, Mellotron
Mikko Väärälä - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Chimes
Kimmo Lähteenmäki - Keyboards, Wind

15 years after their second album, this fine, Finnish symphonic / progressive rock band return with their third album; I’d say it was long-awaited, except that after so long, I doubt that anyone was expecting to ever hear from them again! Despite the fact that it was completely unexpected to me, this is a very welcome return and they sound totally like Viima.

"It's a real delight to witness one of my favourite Finnish prog bands to return from their long break as a recording unit. This new album has slowly been under work ever since the release of their second album Kahden kuun sirpit (2009), and some changes in the line-up have taken place again (by the way, the debut Ajatuksia maailman laidalta, 2006, had a female vocalist unlike either of the followers). The former lead vocalist Hannu Hiltula has taken a step back in the band activity but he's participating here as a flautist, backing vocalist, additional keryboardist and even as a composer of one track. The former keyboardist Kimmo Lähteenmäki is also participating on this album. The new lead vocalist Risto Pahlama is the band's new keyboardist as well. His suitably commonplace vocals fit nicely to the music that has a sincere 70's feel. Comparisons can be made to classic Finnish- language prog acts Tabula Rasa and Scapa Flow (whose biggest fan the guitarist Mikko Uusi-Oukari has said to be), but Viima has absorbed the 70's influences to forge their own tradition-friendly but nevertheless individual voice.
Each of the five pieces is a winner, especially for a listener who enjoys the "old-fashioned" pastoral delicacy. The fairly similar approach can also be heard in the softer end of the RPI spectre, bands such as Errata Corrige or Eris Pluvia. The opener 'Tyttö trapetsilla' (= Girl on a trapeze) is a tight, melodic song in which the very delicious flute riff plays a significant role. Drummer Mikko Väärälä's composition, the nearly 19-minute epic 'Äiti Maan lapset' (= Children of Mother Earth) is becoming one of my all-time favourite magnum opuses in Finnish prog. The dynamic and yet delicate-sounding, lyrically thoughful piece is meandering elegantly from start to finish, avoiding the obvious risk of sounding patchy. At times I thought of FRUUPP's 'Gormenghast' for the soundscape. The layered keyboards sound lovely, and also the drumming adds dynamics. An amazing masterpiece!
Hiltula's composition 'Perhonen' (= Butterfly) starts very serenely in its instrumental melancholy, before shifting into the more powerful section featuring vocals. The beautiful lyrics of Petri Hyytiä contain the title of the album, meaning "passes the night of mind". The final piece 'Vuoren rauha' (= Peace of the mountain) is composed by Mikko Uusi-Oukari with lyrics of Petri Hyytiä -- as well as tracks 1 and 3 -- and is the most emotional of his three songs here. The lyrics are sung tenderly, giving way to the instrumental tail of the piece. The melodies are as heartfelt as the pastoral lyrics.
I guarantee I'm not giving this album a full rating in a carefree manner. It really resonates with my inner spirit and I love it more with each listening. If you're into delicate and melodic retro-oriented prog (NB! Non-Finnish speakers can read the English translations in the band's homepage, you'll surely find a lot to enjoy. Thank you, guys!"-ProgArchives
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