Vrtacek, C.W. - Silent Heaven CD

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C.W. Vrtacek – sampler, tape, toys, synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, etc

“It may be preferable to meditate in a quiet room, but we seldom find ourselves in quiet rooms...so, always the same question: how to find silence in the midst of chaos?" - C.W. Vrtacek

This puts Chuck's 3rd & 4th solo lps onto one CD; “Learning To Be Silent” & “When Heaven Comes To Town”.
Very different from his band Forever Einstein, the music here is quiet, sober, introspective, sometimes playful, & often somewhat dark.

“It could almost be French, as there's that spirit of ZNR & Pascal Comelade - primitive yet sophisticated, in a multi-textured concoction of guitars, keyboards, etc.” -Audion.

“Silent Heaven seems to borrow from New Age-era William Ackerman, Brian Eno's Music for Films, Robert Ashley and Erik Satie. But rather than mimicking any of their moods, the music comes from a much more vulnerable corner, as if the intend was to console those who just lost a loved one. Despite the tinkling and warm melodies on the surface, the prevailing mood is subdued and usually tragic, sometimes distancing enough from the listener to get lost in its cold tones, and silence itself becomes just as heartfelt as the notes.” - RYM
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