Weasel Walter Septet - Invasion

"Brand new studio recordings from a special edition of the Weasel Walter ensemble featuring outrageously intense performances from Henry Kaiser (guitar), Vinny Golia (woodwinds), John Lindberg (double bass), Liz Allbee (trumpet), Damon Smith (double bass) and William Winant (drums). The four compositions focus on varied approaches to modernistic large-group musicmaking. The opening 33 minute track "Nautilus Rising" is an epic monster split into two distinct halves - the first, an angular exercise in group counterpoint with shocking soloistic out breaks and the second, a scorched-earth power-drone of violent ambience. The following track "Flesh Strata" is some kind of mutant harmolodic music featuring a propulsive rhythm section with a complex set of horn/guitar cues before killer solos. "Cleistogamy" is a brief breather and an exploration of sparse acoustic sounds worked into an asymmetrical form of quiet terror. The final 22-minute track "Invasion" is a total face-ripper blow-out of smashing, clattering free jazz double-drumming and maniacal solos."
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