Winwood, Steve - About Time 2 x CDs

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“Steve Winwood's finest album - by far.
Great "live in the studio" sound, unbelievable Hammond organ playing (while playing bass lines with the foot pedals), soaring vocals and the band (Jose Neto - guitar and Wafredo Reyes - drums) is "on it" and having a ball. He's reached a new level...anyone with a love for Traffic should pick this up as it has that strong Traffic, jamming loose but tight vibe. And it's always great when that Leslie spins up in stereo washing that Hammond across the mix. Some really great songs on here, including "Distant Light," "Cigano," ?Why Can't We Live Together," the subdued "Horizons", and Sylvia (Who Is She?)." There are few signs of the 1980's Steve Winwood here.”
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