With Eyes Abstract - Return of the Heracleidae (band-released CDR) (special)

Led by Ryan Miller (guitar and keyboards) and joined by Michael Dillon - drums and Rick Fitts - bass and based out of Portland Oregon. They are a young, modern, avant/psych/brutal-prog-type ensemble who have toured with groups like Behold the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Many Arms, etc. and were sent my way by their friends in Zevious. They're definitely in 'that vein', but they are more psychedelic than the groups above to my ears. If you enjoy the bands listed above, you'll undoubtedly really enjoy this. This is a CDR, but it's professionally recorded, mastered and packaged and available at a killer price, so give it a shot!

"'Return of The Heracleidae' is the first full length studio album from With Eyes Abstract. The album features 13 tracks of what is commonly remarked as "the craziest prog, math, and space-swamp intergalactic crime-fighting soundtrack you'll ever hear." A bold statement indeed, but one that the band has worked hard to uphold over years of playing in virtually every venue/basement/bar offered by their hometown of Portland, OR. The band's guitarist and primary composer, Ryan Miller, has a style that has been compared to Robert Fripp, Nels Cline and the early playing of John Mclaughlin. This smeared with the group's heavy/dark jazz avant-garde, and progressive tinder and totality that is similar bands like Behold...The Arctopus, Moha! Cheval de Frise, The Cancer Conspiracy, Dysrhythmia, Noxagt, Ephel Duath, and Zs. The band creates a distinct and unmistakable sound with deep roots in early progressive jazz and psychedelic guitar musings. Fans of the aforementioned are sure enjoy."

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