Wyatt, Robert / Gilad Atzmon / Ros Stephen - '...For the Ghosts Within'

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Around these parts, a new Robert Wyatt album is always a cause for joy. Recently he's been working relatively fast. This is something quite different, as it's a album of six 'standards', a new version of "At Last I Am Free" and four new pieces. Anyone who has read or watched interviews with Robert is well aware that he's a huge fan of jazz and standards from the 30's onward, but this is the first time he's musically stated it so overtly. He performs on vocals, trumpet and percussion and is joined by Gilad Atzmon on reeds, Ros Stephen's Sigmos String Quartet and keyboards and double bass. Something very different from an artist who keeps moving forward (even while - on this one - looking very heavily backwards!) but who can never help sounding only like Robert.
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  • UPC5034202026327
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