French TV - I Forgive You For All My Unhappiness CD

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For over 26 years, bassist and composer Mike Sary has led this quirky, unclassifiable, humorous, avant/progressive rock outfit. This is their 10th release and it's definitely one of their best. Also a great title on this one!

"The history of French TV is complex, filled with lineup changes, missed opportunities, delays, and disillusions. And yet, a growing body of work testifies to one man's sagacity and stubbornness. In the middle of French TV's chamber of 32 revolving doors stands bassist/composer Mike Sary. Blending elements of prog, fusion, cartoon music, and Rock-in-Opposition, the music of his group can be simultaneously hilarious and highly challenging, making it one of the most original American prog rock outfits."-Fran├žois Couture/All Music Guide

"FTV returns five years after their acclaimed previous release "This Is What We Do" with this new disc. Now down to 3 core members (long-time rhythm section Mike Sary and Jeff Gard, plus newcomer Steve Katsikas, keyboardist for the noted Miami prog band Little Atlas), the new cd also features many special guests: Boud Deun/Prester John guitarist Shawn Persinger; Yugen keyboardist Paolo Botta; Trap/Infinity members (also French TV veterans) Warren Dale and Chris Smith; Little Atlas guitarist Roy Strattman; Ut Gret multi-instrumentalist Joee Conroy; and Whimwise guitarist Hans Bodin. The music continues French's penchant for turn-on-a-dime arrangements, frantic meter shifts, and marvelous soloing. Reference points include Happy the Man, Samlas Mammas Manna, Gentle Giant, National Health, Return to Forever, and, of course, Zappa. French TV insists on breaking new ground with an album that is replete with both hummable melodies and discordant chaos, frenetic gallops punctuated by atmospheric bliss-outs. As one of the few American progressive bands to hit the "10th album mark", French TV shows why it remains one of the most relevant and influential bands in the genre."
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