uKanDanz - Awo

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Really happy to have this great, second release by this fantastic French/Ethiopian mash-up back in stock and at a better price than before too. You NEED this!
The second, totally great and smokin' French/Dutch/Ethiopian band who call themselves "Ethiopian crunch music". Using guitars, keyboards, sax, bass, drums and a Ethiopian singer, they use the Ethiopian pop sounds of Mahamoud Ahmed as a staring point and then they stretch it using punk, rock and even noise influences. Wonderful stuff. Highly recommended for those with an interest in this style.

"uKanDanZ... a unique style, an unusual meeting between an electric quartet and Asnake Guebreyes,charismatic lead singer originates from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba.
Their music is inspired by traditional and popular Ethiopian songs. uKanDanZ has a real crunch energy. Between rock, jazz, noise... With impertinence, they rock it wildly. Without compromise. Guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and vocals shuffle our bearings. What a pleasure!
The stage presence of uKanDanZ swings alternately between energy and emotion... then the public, transcended, dances and shivers."
Asnake Guebreyes - Vocals
Damien Cluzel - Guitar
Benoit Lecomte - Bass
Lionel Martin - Tenor sax
Guilhem Meier - Drums
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