Barnabe, Arrigo/Paulo Braga - Ao Vivo, Em Porto (special)

Arrigo Barnabe is a Brazilian bandleader and composer who released 3-4 real classic out-rock albums in the 1980s that were comparable in some ways to Albert Marcoeur's first four. They were reissued on CD a few years ago, but are now long out of print as the label went bust. This is him doing most of one of his best albums, Clara Crocodilo, but as a piano duet. Because of the nature of the project, this is very different from what I consider his best work. There's some good music here but obviously it's all piano-based and I would say that is this is not where to start if you don't know his work. For fans and converts, it's quite good!

Arrigo Barnabé and Paulo Braga started to work together as a piano duo while ago. Here you will listen to them in a very nice live concert recording, which was registered in Porto, Portugal, 2004. Most of Clara Crocodilo plus some new songs. Very complex, dynamic and dodecaphonic compositions plus weird vocals here and there."
  • LabelAttracao
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