Barnabe, Arrigo - Arrigo Barnabe & Orquestra a Base de Sopro de Curitiba DVD

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Well, I must've been awfully good this year for Santa to have brought me this! Arrigo Barnabe is a Brazilian bandleader and composer who released 3-4 real classic out-rock albums in the 1980s that were comparable in some ways to Albert Marcoeur's first four. They were reissued on CD a few years ago, but are now long out of print as the label went bust. We've carried his stuff as we can, but he's woefully obscure outside of Brazil and probably woefully obscure within Brazil as well. So, finding a professionally filmed, great sounding DVD featuring a 16 piece band with conductor, 3 female vocalists and Arrigo himself doing vocals is beyond an amazing treat for me. Like Albert, if you don't speak the language, you are obviously missing a lot and unlike Albert and French, I can't even pretend to speak Portugese. But the unbelievable musicianship all comes through, even if you can't quite understand what he is saying while the three singers shimmy and prance around in their heels and respond to his cajoling (I should also note that like Albert, he really can't 'sing', but his vocalizing is completely integral to the music). This is just amazing; it even includes some of his best work (including Clara Crocodilo). Recommended as strongly as it is possible for me to do...

Here's the opening clip from the DVD

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