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The first Rypdal album that I was able to get excited by in some years, this presents Terje's performance at the Vossa Festival and his tribute to Bitches Brew (Vossbrygg translates as Vossa Brew) and it is a really good one. With Rypdal's wonderful gu...

Trio Rypdal, Vitous, Gurtu - Live In Stuttgart 1994 DVD

One hour of Terje Rypdal-guitar, Miroslav Vitous-bass and Trilok Gurtu-drums and percussion, recorded live at the Jazz Open in Stuttgart, Germany, July, 1994. I've always wanted to see moving footage of Terje! All three of them play great; Rypdal soars like he used to and so seldom does nowadays, Vitous is solid as can be, and until you've seen Trilok's ridiculous-looking but astounding playing, it can't be believed. Six reasonably lengthy tracks means that there are plenty of all-mighty jams!
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