Bubblemath - Such Fine Particles Of The Universe CD

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Very good & very nicely presented (great packaging) first album by this band from Minneapolis. They are very vocal oriented, with some unique vocal twists & some nice 2 & 3 part vocal lines on top of the intricate guitar/keyboards/bass/drums band work. In that respect, & in certain other aspects, they are a little reminiscent of Echolyn but they don't really sound like Echolyn. "It is perhaps fitting the the five members of Bubblemath were born variously between 1971-1979 spanning the historic rise and fall of progressive rock's first wave. The members of Bubblemath describe themselves as a "band with a focus dedicated to compositional integrity". In fact Bubblemath manages to bridge the gap between the technical precision & grand theatrics of progressive rock and the quirky appeal of so-called 'alternative' rock'. "Such Fine Particles of the Universe is a triumph...this is what progressive rock is all about. My highest recommendation for this release - absolutely essential!" --Fred Trafton, www.gepr.net "...tons of great chord progressions and constant shifting time signatures keep the listener on their toes and awaiting something new around every corner. This exciting and impressive disc comes highly recommended." --Mike Prete, www.progweed.net
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