Bubu - Anabelas CD

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Included here is a booklet with the official biograpy of the band, photos, documents and interviews.
My personal favorite of all the Argentinian progressive artifacts, and, in fact, one of the great progressive albums of the entire 1970s. This, their one and only album features a 7 piece group (violin, flute, sax, guitar, bass, drums, with a relatively small amount of vocals) playing pieces obviously influenced by Mahavishnu Orchestra, jazzy Frank Zappa, King Crimson and others that give this a more avant slant slant than most South American progressive acts of the mid 1970s era.
While I don't want you to think that they sound "just like Cow or Picchio", the sound and compositions are definitely leaning more in that direction than the usual South American prog suspects. This is pretty much an essential disc for avant-progressive fans.
What's really amazing is that the band apparently were known for their amazing live performances and the encyclopedia on Argentinian music of the 70s calls this album "good, though the live performances were much better", which is pretty amazing to fathom once you've heard this and realize how good this is!
This has been out of print for years and it's great to have it back! Recommended!
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