Camembert - Schnörgl Attahk

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This is a reprint, on the band's own label, of their debut full-length release, which has been unavailable for some time now.
These copies are autographed!
Really superlative first full length from this French jazz/rock band. This French group from Strasbourg first came to attention 3 years ago with their self-released EP, which showed great promise.
But this new release really ups their game and presents this seven-piece instrumental group at the top of their (or anyone's, really) musical game. The compositions are intricate but not 'difficult' and a little bit reminiscent of Frank Zappa at his most 'jazzy'.
The musical performances by these youngsters are simply to die for and even at this stage of the game, they have a really distinctive sound (name another group with a harpist! anyone?). While you have never heard of any of these musicians, the performances are so good that I felt I had to list their names and what they play:
Bertrand Eber : trumpet, didgeridoo, cowbell, voices and whistle
Guillaume Gravelin : harp
Fabrice Toussaint : tenor trombone, xybraphone, percussion
Julien Traveletti : bass trombone and tuba
Vincent Sexauer : electric guitar
Philémon Walter : drums
Pierre Wawrzyniak : bass, acoustic guitar and voices
+ guest
Francesco Zago : electric guitar on one track.
This is really world-class, impressive stuff. You can't go wrong by checking this one out. Highly recommended.

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