Can - Future Days

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There are a bunch of great Can albums, but this is *the* one for me. A timeless, beautiful, groove-classic. Glad to see that Jason agrees, and while I had never mentally articulated the 'oceantic' feel he mentions below, he's spot on, and I thank him for saying it for me!

"Damo Suzuki's final effort is Can's most atmospheric and beautiful record, a spartan collection of lengthy, jazz-like compositions recorded with minimal vocal contributions. Employing keyboard washes to create a breezy, almost oceanic feel (indeed, two of the tracks are titled "Spray" and "Bel Air"), the mix buries Suzuki's voice to elevate drummer Jaki Liebezeit's complex rhythms to the foreground; despite the deceptive tranquility of its surface, Future Days is an intense work, bubbling with radical ideas and concepts."-Jason Ankeny/All Music Guide
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