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"Originally released in 2002, Sunrise is perhaps the ultimate psychedelic, Kraut-metal record. Don't bother asking yourself how many 'psychedelic, Kraut-metal' records actually exist, rather just enjoy the mind-melting riffs and trance-inducing rhythms nicely complimented by Mika Rättö's exotic, Rob Halford-ian vocals (sung in his native Finnish). Circle's songs are built around cold, hard, repetition and while Sunrise is an album as diverse as the group's influences, the recurring theme throughout remains their trademark 'circular' sound. Whether in the ferocious album-opener, 'Nopeuskunigas,' which bursts out of the gate at breakneck speed and only gains momentum as it progresses, or in the quarter-of-an-hour finale, 'Lokki,' a vast and expansive exercise in minimalism, Circle continue to find ways to expand their horizons. Previously available only as a Finnish import (out of print for a few years now), Sunrise is absolutely one of their finest moments."
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