Circle - Katapult CD

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"The members of Circle have been listening to a lot of '80s black metal lately (ie. Venom, Celtic Frost). As a result, the premier Kraut-influenced, psychedelic band have created their most dark and twisted record to date -- which, for those familiar with Circle, know is no small feat. Don't let the term 'black metal' scare you off -- Katapult is here to blow your mind, and as with all things Circle, nothing is cut and dry. The constants of their sound remain -- hard repetition, heavy riffs, trance inducing rhythms -- aided, on this recording, by an ominous, spooky and, dare we say, straight up evil vibe. Beginning with a primitive, almost clumsy sound, Katapult is an album flush with dynamics and cold, chilly ambience. Bassist and founding member Jussi Lehtisalo handles the majority of vocal duties with a growl that could strike fear in the heart of the most jaded music fan. Subtle changes start to occur and before you realize it, the primitiveness is replaced by grander orchestration, '70s synthesizers and haunted choruses. You could very well be listening to the greatest, long lost dark psychedelia record, or maybe the soundtrack to some never-released drug-drenched horror film. Either way, Katapult begins in a dungeon and ends in the cosmos. Try not to lose your mind along the way."
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