Coda - Sounds of Passion (expanded/remastered) 2 x CDs (special)

One of the better progrock albums from the 1980s - and one that has been unavailable for some time - is now available again in a greatly expanded form. This was their first album and their best. The leader is keyboardist Erik De Vroomen, who gives the sound a strongly symphonic-rock sound, with echoes of Voyage of the Acolyte-era Steve Hackett and Camel. There's also guitar, bass, drums and vocals, but it is the keyboards that give this album its sound. The vocals aren't so great, but the music is very strong and it is mostly instrumental. It's also an extremely good recording. Bonus tracks include their unreleased single and all the demos for the original album, as well as other demos too. It's packaged in a nice slip-case and includes a big booklet.
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