Estradasphere - Palace of Mirrors

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"If you enjoy the music of bands like Mr. Bungle, Farmers Market, Charming Hostess, and other great fusion bands along those lines, then you'll definitely want to buy this album." -

Not sure how this cool, wacky band ended up on The End, which is basically a metal label, but this is really good and features some great violin playing and a lot of Eastern European influences along with crunchy metallic guitars and much more!!

"On the new album Estradasphere brings together elements from a wide-range of styles (gypsy metal, 60's foreign cinema rock, jazz arrangements, expansive orchestrations) with such perseverance and major focus on the aesthetic of their sound. About the new material, the bassist comments, 'The new album by Estradasphere distills the elements in the group that are clearly the strongest, while trimming the fat of our previous efforts.'"
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