French TV - 13: Stories Without Fingerprints 2 x CDs

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Mike Sary : Bass, loops, samples
Katsumi Yoneda : Guitar
Patrick Strawser : Keyboards
Jeff Gard or Mark L. Perry : Drums

Great to see FTV still with us and still delivering the goods, and, of course, it’s also great to see Patrick (formerly of the great, ill-fated Volare) back in action.
Favorite title: That Jigsaw Puzzle Is Tearing Our Family Apart

“French TV are back with a snappy 2-cd set.
Disc One is a new studio effort continuing the meticulous twists and turns of their last two releases, with essentially the same players.
Disc Two is a (mostly) live-in-the-studio affair, BBC-style, containing the set they performed at Chicago's"Protoberfest" in 2018.
For music fans who always wondered what if the members of Henry Cow decided to make a fusion record.”

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