Fusioon - Absolute Fusioon

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Very very good, instrumentally-leaning Spanish progressive/fusion band, who feature multi-keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. At times they get into an almost Egg-like complexity, although that's not their overall sound. Their name is pronounced Fu-shoon, by the way.

"Absolute Fusioon draws together the best tracks from Fusioon's short but vital discography. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Black Sabbath, Soft Machine, and Egg, this is an essential release for any discerning collector of rock. From the foundations of the Catalonian rock laietà movement. An uber-legendary exponent of ibiza's 1970 psychedelic club scene. An essential for fans of freak-funk and symphonic jazz-rock with no Egg-ception. Imagine a Spanish mutation somewhere between Goblin and the Stark Reality. Featuring tracks from the cosmic studio of Jose Llobell (Enterprise/Oliver's Planet)."
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