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Really happy to be able to offer this spare, lovely masterpiece again! Mark was the leader of the new wave band Talk Talk, and gradually, as the years went by, their albums got more and more fragile, acoustic and arty, pleasing the critics while bumming out the suits, as the big sales dried up. Seven years after the band broke up, he released this, his only solo work in 1998. Nicely orchestrated around piano/harmonium, clarinets, harmonica, trumpet, flute, English horn, guitar, bassoon, bass and drums,

"...this is the lo-key orchestral pop masterwork that many thought couldn't be made any more. Damaged, moody, and produced with a post-Feldman attention to small sounds, this is a completely moving album."-Jimmy Johnson.

If The Claudia Quintet added extra musicians and provided the backing music for a really smart singer/songwriter, it *might* sound a bit like this! Recommended

"Deceptively simple acoustic surfaces shimmer with all manner of spring-loaded detail, choked and wrenched vocal performances, miniature symphonies of wind instruments and references to the recording process itself."--The Wire.
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This is a beautiful album. Mark is truely in his own world of wonderous sound. He finishes off the Talk Talk sound with this sublime piece. Brian kuebel Irondequoit, NY
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