Cutler, Ivor - Velvet Donkey

Ivor Cutler is a octagenarian Scottish poet, humorist and songwriter. He is best known for his appearance in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour (as Mr. Buster Bloodvessel). Somehow, amongst all the other wonderful craziness that was going on there at the time, Ivor landed himself a contract with Virgin records, recording 3 much beloved albums, as well as appearing on Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom. This was was his second, and it features Fred Frith on accompanying viola on several tracks. It also includes his tune, "Go And Sit Upon The Grass", later covered by Robert Wyatt. "One of the most unique figures on the pop music fringe, Ivor Cutler is a musician, singer, songwriter, poet, actor, painter, author of books for children, and humorist. His droll, often surreal, sometimes melancholy humor permeates all of his work. His singing voice, a mordant baritone with perhaps the thickest Scottish burr ever captured on tape, is as singular as his idiosyncratic worldview."-Stewart Mason/All Music Guide [Virgin]
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