Kayo Dot - Blue Lambency Downward (mini-lp sleeve)

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Kayo Dot's 3rd, very anticpated new release is in some ways very different from before and in other ways very similar to previous works. In the past, the band was a huge, sprawling 10 piece outfit, but the band fell apart on their last huge tour and the band this time is just "...multi-instrumentalists Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya (who) lull you into a dream state with a small cavalcade of instrumentation, plying an almost noir sensibility at once moody and contemplative, bristling and demure. An unclassifiable masterpiece."
The huge spaciousness and 'modern chamber-music influences remain - and if you didn't read the notes, you'd never know that this wasn't still by a big band, as there's tons of instruments, but all is performed by Toby and Mia with 3 main guests (including Charlie Zeleny, the drummer of Behold!) and a couple of auxilary guests too. But there's less metal than on previous album, although that's still an influence. Weird, odd and unique.

"The band's combination of chamber instruments, psychedelia, and metal gives it an almost delusional appeal...the slow sections are suspenseful, and the climaxes will make your hair jump off your head."-Pitchfork Media
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