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Living in Washington DC has some perks. One of them is the shows that various embassies put on. The Austrian Embassy is particularly active and I've seen a number of interesting things there over the years. When I saw the description of this quartet and the instrumentation (trumpet, Fender Rhodes/organ/piano/keyboards, bass/electric bass, drums and electronics), I said to myself, "Ah, this is going to be the Austrian Led Bib", and I went down to see them and I basically had guessed exactly correctly. Kompost3 perform a modern and exciting and smeary/out take on electric jazz. This is their debut and it's as good as anything in the vein I have heard this year. If you don't mind that your jazz/rock doesn't sound like its the 1970s anymore, this is for you. Self released by the group in a very nice digipack, this is almost impossible to find Highly recommended.
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