Little, Booker/Teddy Charles - Live: The Complete Concert (special)

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"How's this for a group. Teddy Quintet leader and vibes, Booker Ervin on tenor, Booker Little on trumpet, Mal Waldron piano, Addison Farmer on bass and Ed Shaughnessy (who latter was really co-leader of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show band) on drums. That's a group. Teddy Charles was most famous for his third stream cool jazz Tentette but could swing in any context of style and has to be in list of greatest vibe players with Hamp,Hutcherson,Walt Dickerson,Cal Tjader,et al.Here in a setting at the Modern of Museum Art in NYC they were in an inspired setting and had written some great tunes. Originally on Warwick records as "Music In The Garden". The songs match the soloing which is incredible.This not only has the lp's tracks but also ones that were also recordednot released. This is an OOP CD so snag it while you can.This is an accessible yet advanced avant bop album."-C. Katz
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while the above description is, for the most part pretty accurate, it should be pointed out that this cd is taken from a very worn vinyl copy. lots of ticks, snaps, pops and scratches make this a hard listen. i must admit to being very disappointed when i got this, and really don't see me playing it much, if at all.
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