Magma - Zühn Wöhl Ünsai : February 6, 1974, Sendesaal, Bremen, Germany 2 x CDs

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This amazing document has been lying in the archives at Radio Bremen for 40 years. A decade ago, when we were licensing a lot of material from Radio Bremen, I tried to get permission from the band to release this incredible show and they said 'no'. Why they said 'yes' to someone else a decade later, I don't know, but the world is a better place because of it!
This is the entire radio broadcast, featuring the touring version of the Köhntarhosz band:
Jannick Top - bass
Christian Vander - drums & vocals
Gerard Bikialo & Michel Graillier - pianos and organ
Claude Olmos - guitar
Klaus Blasquiz - vocals

The tracks are a particularly amazing Sowiloi (Soi Soi) & Theusz Hamtaahk, as well as Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh and a drum solo.

This is one of the great Magma shows by what I think is one of the greatest of their 70s line-ups. None of this has been heard or released before, with the exception of a 6' excerpt on the Utopic Sporadic Orchestra CD. It was mastered directly off of the master tapes in the archives of Radio Bremen, and those German engineers have always really known how to record a live band.

This is the real thing, kids; an unbelievably great recording by one of the strongest-ever lineups of one of the greatest, weirdest, truly original avant-garde rock bands that ever was and ever will be, because they don't put whatever it was that made them in the drinking water anymore. Hugely recommended!
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