Messenger - Illusory Blues

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"Svart Records can be thought of as the Rise Above Records of Finland. Both labels covers similar territory. Somehow Svart signed the British band Messenger right from under the nose of Rise Above.

Messenger are a superb retro-band that push all the right buttons for a fans of 70s prog and folk. This isn't a bombastic throw back album like Astra or Diagonal. Instead Messenger's music is cut more from the cloth that Midlake are exploring. In other words what you get is a kind of mystical, pastoral folk with strong prog overtones. Flutes and 'tron fuse with echoey acoustic guitars in a way that transport you to some ancient forest. At various points through out the album I'm reminded of Pink Floyd, Trespass-era Genesis, early King Crimson and Traffic. The band started out as a trio with guests and has now expanded into a full fledge touring ensemble. I expect we will hear quite a bit from this band in the immediate future. Highly recommended."-Ken Golden

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