Miotic - Antinomia

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Miotic are a math-rock/post-rock/brutal prog trio from Bologna, Italy. They say they are influenced by those sounds, and they certainly are, but they definitely have their own slant to that sound. If you like Upsilon Acrux, Dysrhythmia, Don Caballero, you'll absolutely like this.

"Miotic are :
Andrea Burgio - Bass
Nicola Benetti - Drums
Davide Badini - Guitar
The project Miotic was born in Bologna in 2010 from an idea of Davide, Andrea (Nero di Marte) and Nicola (Overcrowded Duo), all three coming from different musical experiences but commonly fascinated in the math-rock sound. After a few months they recorded an EP, which did not go by unnoticed in the Italian experimental scene and the band was praised by the press as a very skilled instrumental trio that combined intricate moments to atmospheric parts with much ease.

After many shows throughout Italy they returned to Studio 73 (Ravenna, Italy) to record their first full length album in January 2013 with producer Riccardo "Paso" Pasini. In this new effort the math and noise components are even more intensified while the band strives to create a much more personal sound and style.

The particular approach to songwriting makes their musical proposal chaotic and fluid at the same time."

Here is a video of them performing one of the pieces off the album:

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