Odessa - L’Alba Della Civilta CD

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“A great return for the Italian prog band ODESSA, expected for thirteen years from the previous “The final day - Judgment day”, twenty-three years after the acclaimed “Getsemani Station”.
"The dawn of the civilization" brings into play all the best qualities already expressed by the Marches band: extraordinary versatility in its hard-progressive dynamics of Italian seventies matrix , forays into "purple" hues , jazz disgressions from the Area shore , romantic traits, but especially notable expressive, rhythmic and melodic brilliance.
It is no coincidence that among the covers already proposed by Odessa there are the Area, the Rovescio della Medaglia, the Trip , and this time, surprisingly, comes "The year, the place, the hour 1972", a song by Pooh of the symphonic period "Parsifal", with the particularity of going to propose the version never officially finished in their discography (there is only an old live document).”
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