Reija, Xavi - The Sound Of The Earth

XAVI REIJA - drums
TONY LEVIN - bass guitar, upright bass, stick
MARKUS REUTER - touch guitar

A mostly heavy, jazz/rock/progressive release with some nice dual Stick work at times, by a team of excellent players. This is a smoking goodie; don't blink and miss it!

"The Sound Of The Earth is like a musical buffet, with something for everyone who has a taste for genre-crossing electric music. The Reija/Jevtovic pairing has a history to draw from, as does the Levin/Reuter axis—and the combination uncovers a real chemistry. Yet another magical MoonJune session."-Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

"...You can feel the room in this recording and, by that, I mean you can sense both the physical space and the emotional space between these four gifted players. There is a level of trust and comfort here that puts the listener at ease and ready to take the ride. Band leader and Catalan drummer, Xavi Reija and Serbian-born guitarist Dusan Jevtovic have worked together on numerous projects these past few years and have become an intuitive musical unit. Born in Boston, Tony Levin, with his impeccable pedigree from Herbie Mann and Chuck Mangione to Peter Gabriel and King Crimson as well as his own 10- year ongoing project Stick Men, along with fellow Stick Men, Crimson ProjeKCt and Centrozoon member German-born Markus Reuter, have likewise developed a common language communicating through music.
Such heartfelt and enthusiastic playing is in short supply these days. This is not music pigeon-holed for easy consumption, rather, it challenges and rewards more and more with each listening. So put down your phone, lower the lights and prepare to experience the gift of this inspired recording."
  • LabelMoonJune
  • UPC692287909420
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