Runaway Totem - Le Roi du Monde

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"Runaway Totem is proud to announce that the third and final movement of 4 Elements 5, Le Roi Du Monde will be published in March 2011. This album marks the end of the First Symphony NOUS. In order to complete the album, given its complexity and importance, two new Elements are descended.

Current Elements:
CAHÅL DE BÊTÊL Guitars, Voice, Keyboards, Synth and Sampler
TIPHERET Drums, Percussions, Kettle-drum and Keyboards
DAUNO Telluric Bass
RAFFAELLO RE-TUZ REGOLI Voice, Diplophonic voices and Obliquitions
ANBIS-UR MARCO ZANFEI Electronic Piano, Keyboards

This last Album is so important that a new Entity descended on this World, in order to support Runaway Totem with its Work. We’re talking about Modern Totem Ensemble. Runaway Totem is the Star, and Modern Totem Ensemble is a Planet orbiting around it. It’s like other Planets, that during the Time will show themselves and descend on this World."

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  • LabelRotary Totem
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