CD box sets

For ONE C-note plus, you get everything. Studio, live, outtakes, etc etc etc. Most of you already have this, but if you don’t already have this, it’s a fantastic deal.

Also, just thought I would mention that once upon a time, I got a ride back to London from Guilford Civic Hall, after the show, with the band in the van on the cover on the box!

“17 CDs, 1 DVD and 250 pages of histories, testimony commentaries and photographs - in a sturdy box.
This collection brings togethe

This box collects recordings from 1950-2016 by the master of Musique Concrete!

“This is a wonderfully produced box set of some of the most incomprehensible music ever created. That's not a criticism, it was meant to challenge our notions of the form. And in that he succeeds.
I have to say that I think you need to have listened to both 20th century "classical" music and 21st century progressive pop to really appreciate how Henry's manipulation of sound scape has become the way we now think...

Newly lowered and extremely attractive pricing on this excellent box set. Hugely recommended to fans of 70s electronic sounds!

Philippe Besombes is a French electronic musician of the 70s and this reissues four of his works from the 70s, both solo and with his group Hydravion.
The two solo releases, Libra (1975) and Ceci Est Cela (1979) have both been previously released on CD by MIO, but they have been out of print for a decade. These include the bonus tracks that were on the MIO...

Here are the five albums that launched a hundred US freak folk bands: The Incredible String Band, The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Wee Tam and The Big Huge.

This is the three legendary albums by this very, very experimental, very very early avant group (1967-68) exploring sound collage, mixed media and much more. NOT on the NWW list, probably only because they were too obscure for them to even know about them!

"This three-disc box collects Number One Intersystems (1967), presenting the correct side sequence and (for the first time) the original tracks' sub-section divisions; Peachy (1967), with (for the first time) the correct track separations...

Nothing else / no one else sounded or sounds like Jade Warrior in the mid 70s; if you don’t already have these, they are personally very highly recommended.

“Wind Borne - The Island Albums 1974-1978 features newly remastered versions of
Floating World
Way Of The Sun

After releasing a series of albums for Vertigo Records, the original line-up of Jade Warrior split in 1973. Flautist Jon Field and innovative guitarist Tony Duhig decided to continue under the.

This is the complete output (and more!) by the top jazz/rock band from Czechoslovakia in the 70s and into the very early 80s. The group was originally formed at the very beginning of the 70s by the electric pianist/electric keyboardist Martin Kartochvil, with some ex-members of Modry Effekt. The earlier albums have the emphasis on electric piano and are influenced by early Weather Report and early electric Miles. As time went on, Martin increased his collection of keyboards to be the arsenal one would...

“Jethro Tull - A (A La Mode) [The 40th Anniversary Edition] Collection Expands The Group's 1980 Album With Steven Wilson's Newly Remixed Version Of The Original, Plus Unreleased Studio And Live Recordings, And A Remixed Version Of The Slipstream Video Collection

After completing its acclaimed folk-rock trilogy in 1979, Jethro Tull returned a year later with A, an album that introduced a different sound and a new line-up. Originally intended as a solo record by the band’s founder Ian Anderson....

“Jethro Tull’s 1970 classic Benefit will be celebrated in a brand-new 4CD/2DVD set, featuring remixes by Steven Wilson, an abundance of previously unreleased material, packaged within a deluxe hardback book, containing 100 pages of commentary from numerous contributors alongside hordes of images of the band creating and performing their first million-selling album.
Following the successes This Was (1968) and Stand Up (1969), Jethro Tull returned in 1970 with their third studio album in as many years...

July are best known for their self titled first album, which is a classic UK psychedelic album which has double interest for 60s/70s music fans due to its high quality, as well as featuring the first appearances by Tom Newman (UK engineer famous for many great Virgin albums) as well as Jade Warrior's Tony Duhig and Jon Field (the soul and heart of that band).

“Released by the Major Minor label in 1968, the self-titled July album has long been acknowledged by genre enthusiasts as one of the...

"Keletigui Traoré was already a respected professional flutist and saxophonist when he was invited to join the Syli Orchestre National in 1959. In the mid '60s he and several other members of the national orchestra formed a dance band called Orchestre...

• FORMAT: 2CD & 2 x Blu-Ray/boxed set
• 2 x Blu-Ray discs include:- All new 2023 mixes in Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD MA Surround (5.1) & 24/96 LPCM stereo.
• Elemental mixes, instrumental mixes and 30th anniversary master in 24/96 LPCM Stereo.
• Complete 1973 recording sessions in 24/96 LPCM Stereo.
• 2 CDs include:- the 2023 mixes in stereo & instrumental forms, elemental mixes and selected master reels.
• Packaged in two gatefold sleeves with booklet in a rigid exterior slipcase...

Yes, it's overkill, but it's kind of magnificent overkill, as it includes every recording there is by this band and much more. Read below to see what is included in this insanely deluxe set. The live performance DVD is beyond revelatory, as is the Session Reels and Alternate Takes discs. Now out of print and no more are to be made.

Larks' Tongues in Aspic - The Complete Recordings
Disc 1 - CD:
The Zoom Club, Frankfurt
October 13, 1972
Disc 2 - CD:
The Zoom Club, Fr

“On (and off) The Road presents a complete overview of this enduringly popular line-up. All three studio albums are presented in remixed stereo editions on CD (Discipline in its 2011 mix), as are the final concerts from each year of touring. Two further CDs present newly edited & extended takes from the ‘Champaign-Urbana’ sessions for the band’s proposed third album & a ‘making of’ CD which provides a fascinating audio insight into the studio recordings. New Stereo, 5.1 Surround, original stereo editions...

This is the HUGE box that someone, somewhere, will get bludgeoned to death by his or her angry spouse with. Talk about a selling point!

"Limited to a single pressing run, Starless offers an in-depth overview of King Crimson's celebrated mid-1970's live line-up at its most exploratory.

Few bands have offered as much variety in material from night to night, and King Crimson's propensity for improvisation and fondness for playing its newest material - often unreleased on record at the tim

"Between April and July 1974 King Crimson embarked on a tour of Canada and America which has come to be recognised as one of the most powerful series of concerts performed not just by Fripp, Cross, Wetton and Bruford but by any band of the era...

"Norway's Grand Old Lady of jazz, Karin Krog turns 80 in May 2017, and the Odin label honours her with a superb 6 CD box set overviewing her outstanding career.
Krog's 2015 'Don't Just Sing' anthology on Light in the Attic, was on of that year's surprise underground hits. Karin Krog is one of the great jazz singers. Few others worked within so many different areas of the music and fewer still could have done so with the same assurance, commitment and elegance. Like her peers such as Jan Garbarek...

This is not EVERY everything that Fela recorded, but it’s pretty damn close.
“The Complete Box Set contains 29 CDs and one DVD spanning Fela’s entire career from Koola Lobitos in the late 60’s to Underground System in 1992.
The box set also contains 'A Slice Of Fela’, a DVD documentary with live performances from Berlin Jazz festival and Glastonbury and a booklet."

“Saxophonist/guitarist/composer/music historian/ provocateur Allen Lowe spans the history of jazz in his music in a way that few besides Jaki Byard, Beaver Harris, Steven Bernstein, and Air have ever done, intertwining blues, early jazz, bebop, and the avant-garde.
A prolific composer who was incorporating American roots music into his jazz decades before it was hip, he has led project bands featuring a broad array of jazz greats ranging from Doc Cheatham, Randy Sandke, Joe Albany, Don Byron, Ken....

"For the first time on CD the complete 80s decade music of Hans Lundin (Kaipa), partly remixed and all high-end remastered in 2018.
Hans Lundin released three solo albums in the 80s. TALES in 1984, VISIONS OF CIRCLES OF SOUNDS in 1985 and HOUSES in 1989. With a childlike sense of wonder Hans created his own musical landscapes switching back and forth between grand majestic beauty and tiny joyful playfulness. He also never forgets his talent in writing beautiful melodies and creating special moods...

Best known as Cecil Taylor's right-hand man for well over 20 years, Jimmy didn't release enough titles as a leader, but here's five that include players like Andrew Cyrille, Enrico Rava, Karen Borca, William Parker and more!...

“Legendary blues guitarist from Canned Heat, Harvey "The Snake" Mandel, presents this deluxe limited edition box set that includes 5 classic solo albums from 1968-1972 plus a bonus vintage concert recording from 1968 that features guests Jerry Garcia & Elvin Bishop! Each of these albums showcase Mandel's innovative, hugely influential playing that earned him a place alongside not just the Heat but also The Rolling Stones, John Mayall and others! All 6 CDs come individually packaged in it's own cardboard...

Mingus' Sounds of Love
Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris Volumes 1
Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris Volumes 2
"The legendary jazz recordings made by Black Saint/Soul Note make a welcome return to the active catalog with this series of specially-priced boxed sets that highlight some of the label's finest artists.
Mingus Dynasty - The Complete Remastered Recordings features four discs in slipcases with original album artwork housed in a...

“Snark Horse is a book of 70 highly-detailed one-bar compositions by pianist / composer Matt Mitchell and percussionist / composer Kate Gentile designed to incite inventive, multi-directional improvisation. It is also the name of a revolving cast of musicians – including Mitchell and Gentile – who have performed this music in various combinations since 2013....

“A collection of three extended compositions by Thurston Moore recorded between 2018-19. This collection represents a period of reflection on spiritual matters, collective musical friendships, and a time and space universally, without words or languages to distract from meditation.
"Alice Moki Jayne" is a new composition from noise guitar explorations honoring Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry, and Jayne Cortez. These female partners of jazz musicians brought spirituality into the lives and music that has..

"Angels And Daemons At Play is the fourth installment in the ongoing Motorpsycho luxury box-set reissue program. While almost every Motorpsycho release is, in one way or another, a step forward, backwards, sideways, or most often everything at once, Angels And Daemons At Play, originally released in 1997, is probably their first coming-of-age album. Following on the heels of 1995's more streamlined Blissard, AADAP is the typically stubborn response from a band refusing to be categorized. Thus, it is...

"Formed in Australia the late 1980s by Chris Abrahams, Tony Buck and Lloyd Swanton, the NECKS have been hailed by the New York Times as 'one of the greatest bands in the world.

"Entirely new and entirely now...They produce a post-jazz, post...

Definitely not ‘professional’ recordings, but seems like soundboard tapes and much better sound than I was expecting, honestly, so this can be conditionally recommended!

“Spectacular five CD box set of vintage unreleased live recordings capturing one of the best live prog rock bands ever, Nektar, in their prime and at the height of their powers!
Three incredible concerts spread across five discs, this box set not only features the band's best loved songs from Remember The Future to King Of...

One of the most interesting and inside / outside ‘radical’ series of releases in the very early 80s were the handiwork of English dub producer Adrian Sherwood. Here are some of his most popular and most recognized releases!

“An anthology set of the group that launched the On-U Sound label with the first album and single, New Age Steppers were a collective with an evolving line-up, built around the driving forces of Ari Up (The Slits) and producer Adrian Sherwood. Their records featured...

“Limited 12CD set comprising music and interviews drawn from BBC radio program broadcast between 1970 and 1991.
Over 13 hours of music expertly remastered and restored by Eroc, collated from such seminal shows as Top Gear, Sounds of the 70s and Jazz in Britain. Disc 10 comprises an exciting collection of entirely improvised works, never released on CD.
Liner notes by Roger Farbey, author of Elastic Dream: The Music of Ian Carr - A Critical Discography.
Formed by trumpeter and future Miles...

"Dense 11 disc retrospective of Pauline Oliveros' early and unreleased electronic work including her very first piece for tape made in 1961. The majority of these pieces have never before been released. Organized chronologically by studio this set not only documents Pauline's earliest electronic music but it also functions as an early history of electronic music itself. Extensive liner notes including essays from Pauline Oliveros, Alex Chechile, Ramon Sender, David Bernstein, Corey Arcangel and Benjamin...

"A four-hour work, recorded at Jim O'Rourke's studio, Steamroom, between 2017 and 2018. Detailed and delicate electronic layers, processed instruments, and ambiguous field recordings come together in a slow-moving, fascinating kaleidoscope with multiple reflections and wrong turns, always in a constant state of flux. The finely crafted art of subterfuge. The four-CD set To Magnetize Money and Catch a Roving Eye is a hypnotic, multi-faceted, labyrinthine piece which flows as slowly as a river while....

For the 1st 30 days of its release, we have it at a new, special price!

Beautiful little box featuring big music from performers such as Bill Cole, Rob Brown, Cooper-Moore, Hamid Drake, JD Parran, and many others.

"An astonishing 3CD...

A four-disc clamshell box set of the four albums recorded by the legendary band PATTO between 1970 and 1973;
Hold Your Fire
Roll ‘Em, Smoke ‘Em, Put Another Line Out
Monkey’s Bun

“A newly remastered boxed set comprising the two original Archive Collection albums by celebrated composer and Genesis founder member Anthony Phillips.
Aside from his work as a solo artist, Anthony has been a composer of music for television for many years, going back as far as 1976 and those compositions form the backbone of these collections.
In March 1998 Anthony issued the first volume of 'Archive Collection'. Due to the popularity of the release, a second 'Archive Collection' volume was...

“A 5 CD set clamshell boxed set comprising the four original “Missing Links” albums by celebrated composer and GENESIS founder member ANTHONY PHILLIPS.
Anthony has worked with his archivist Jon Dann to prepare this new boxed set edition of this wonderful music, compiling a new additional CD 27 track CD of previously unreleased and rare archive material, “Extra Links” exclusive to this set.”

"New remastered & expanded 3 CD clamshell box edition of this classic 1968 album by Procol Harum! Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the classic 1968 album by PROCOL HARUM. Released in...

“A newly re-mastered and expanded 3CD clamshell box edition of the classic album, “A Song for All Seasons” by RENAISSANCE. Newly re-mastered from the original master tapes this edition features 15 bonus tracks, including a further two CDs comprising the entire concert recorded at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on 4th December 1978, appearing in full on CD for the first time, with an additional 55 minute’s worth of unreleased tracks.”

"Given its date of release (1978), A Song For All Seasons...

“A newly re-mastered and expanded 3CD clamshell box edition of the classic live album, “Live at Carnegie Hall” by RENAISSANCE.
Released in 1976, the double album documented a series of sold-out concerts at the Carnegie Hall in New York City staged in June 1975, which saw highly gifted vocalist Annie Haslam, Michael Dunford (acoustic and electric guitars), John Tout (keyboards, vocals), Jon Camp (bass, acoustic & electric guitars, vocals) and Terry Sullivan (drums, percussion) joined by the New York...

“In the late 1980s The Residents embarked on what many fans still consider their greatest live project. "Cube-E - The History Of American Music In 3 E-Z Pieces" spanned almost four years and proposed to do nothing less than its title suggested, telling the story of American popular music, from its birth around the campfires of a non-existent Old West to its death at the hands of Elvis and the British Invasion, all in three easy pieces.
Performed on TV and on stage around the world between 1987 and...

"Jon Rose is one of the most productive, original and focused people I know; he’s also an extraordinary musician and an inspired composer. To mark his 60th birthday we are releasing this 3 CD box of previously unreleased works ranging from radio...

"In May 1978, Todd Rundgren performed a series of concerts at The Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, California with a band comprising members of The Hello People (Bobby Sedita, Larry Tasse, Greg Geddes and Norman Smart) along with keyboard player Moogy Klingman, bassist John Seigler and drummer John Willie Wilcox.
This clamshell boxed set includes the entire set from the 23rd May concert over two discs, along with a third disc comprising other soundboard recordings made by Todd during his residence...

“With Pharoah Sanders’ blessing, this limited edition 2 CD box set presents the definitive, remastered version of PHAROAH, his seminal record from 1977, along with two previously unreleased live performances of his masterpiece “Harvest Time."
PHAROAH will be released a year after the legendary tenor saxophonists’ untimely death [editor’s note: Why is everyone’s death ‘untimely’ in label hype, especially someone who was in their 80s?], and two years after the release of what was to become his final...

A Sea of Faces
Down Home New York
Little Red Moon
California Meeting
"The legendary jazz recordings made by Black Saint/Soul Note make a welcome return to the active catalog with this series of specially-priced boxed sets that highlight some of the label's finest artists. Archie Shepp - The Complete Remastered Recordings features four discs in slipcases with original album artwork housed in a clamshell box."

"The Studio Albums 1979 - 1987 is a clamshell box set that gathers together all seven studio albums released by the legendary classical rock band Sky over a nine year period. Formed in 1979, Sky brought together the worlds of rock and classical music in a highly successful and inspiring way. Featuring the gifted talents of guitarist John Williams, percussionist Tristan Fry, legendary bass player Herbie Flowers, former Curved Air keyboard player Francis Monkman and guitarist Kevin Peek, Sky recorded their...

"Formed in Los Angeles in 1967 from the remnants of The Red Roosters, Spirit was one of the great bands to emerge on the US West Coast in the psychedelic era. Featuring the talents of 16 year old guitarist Randy California (who had played guitar with Jimi Hendrix in New York the previous year), his step-father drummer Ed Cassidy along with Jay Ferguson (vocals, percussion), John Locke (keyboards) and Mark Andes (bass), Spirit signed to producer Lou Adler's newly established Ode Records label in late 1967...

New 3CD clamshell boxed set of the three albums by Spirogyra released between 1971 and 1973. Featuring the albums ‘St Radigunds’, ‘Old Boot Wine’ and ‘Bells, Boots and Shambles’. With a fully illustrated booklet.
Spirogyra was formed by duo Martin Cockerham and Mark Francis in Bolton in 1968, but the band expanded when Cockerham was a student in Canterbury at the end of 1969. The expanded line-up featured Cockerham (guitar, vocals), Barbara Gaskin (lead vocals), Steve Borrill (bass) and Julian...

“Limited 12 CD set. Steeleye Span are amongst the biggest and most commercially successful folk rock bands. Their career, spanning over 50 years, has seen them achieve four Top 40 albums and two Top 20 singles as well as countless sold out live shows. Through an everchanging line up, their popularity has continued to this day.
This collection brings together their recordings over an 11 year tenure with Chrysalis Records covering the years 1972-1983.
Housed in a clamshell box with a 56 page...

“Jan-Olof Strandberg is one of Finland's most famous bass players.
The Works is a 4CD - box with a 36-page booklet that features following musicians (among others):
Paul Jackson, vocals, bass & keyboards

Jan-Olof Strandberg, bass (4,5,6 string bass,fretless bass & upright bass)
Sami Virtanen, guitar
Jukka Gustavson, keyboards & vocals
Jartsa Karvonen, drums & percussion
Michael Manring: fretless hybrid bass
Matias Kupiainen: guitar
Juhani Aaltonen, flute

“The release of a newly re-mastered 4 CD clamshell boxed set which gathers together the first four legendary albums by Tangerine Dream, originally released on the Jive Electro label between 1985 and 1987, known by fans as “The Blue Years” albums.
This clamshell box of “The Blue Years Studio Albums 1985 – 1987” features “Le Parc”, “Green Desert”, “Underwater Sunlight” and “Tyger” packaged in replica card sleeves and also includes a poster.”