Soleil Zeuhl

Second release by this instrumental Japanese duo of Yoshiyuki Nakamima-piano, organ, keyboards, bass guitar and Yoshihiro Yamaji-guitar. Their debut was a very good first effort, but it suffered from having programmed drums. It had some of the best...

BBI is Philippe Bussonet on bass (Magma's magnificent bassist since 1995, as well as one of the powers behind One Shot), Jean-Claude Buire on drums (drummer for Offering in the late 1980s) and Laurent Imperato on guitar (a founding member of Xaal, although he had left by the time they started recording.
This was Philippe's side-band before co-forming One Shot and this studio work was recorded in 1996, but never released until now. They are a power trio that mixes the most 'rock' aspects of One Shot...

The release of this great jazz/rock/Zeuhl album on CD is a cause of great joy for me personally. This is one of the albums I've long waited to appear on CD and also one of the ones that I most wanted Soleil Zeuhl to tackle. This is a nonet of vibes, trumpet, saxes, trombone, violin, flute, bass, drums and female vocals. Originally a double lp set that was recorded in 1980, this has obvious influences from Magma, especially circa 1001 Centigrades, Tony Williams, Soft Machine and European jazz/rock. Serge....

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The release of this great jazz/rock/Zeuhl album on CD is a cause of great joy for me personally. This is one of the albums I've long waited to appear on CD and also one of the ones that I most wanted Soleil Zeuhl to tackle.
This is a nonet of vibes, trumpet, saxes, trombone, violin, flute, bass, drums and female vocals. Originally a double lp set that was recorded in 1980, this...

This is the second release by this excellent jazz/rock/zeuhl band, led by drummer, vocalist & composer Serge Bringolf. His first album was entitled Strave and then when he formed a more permanent band, the band became known as Strave. The sound is a bit different and a little bit harder-edged than the 1st one, although the band is still a nonet (although with pretty different personnel): Claude Boussard-bass, Serge Bringolf-drums, Bertrand Eck-horn, Philippe Geiss-saxes, Alain Lecointe-bass...

Andrea Calderón – violin, vocals
Paco Casanova - keys, synths, organ, vocals
Patrick Shiroishi - saxophones, guitar, glockenspiel, vocals
Ryan Kamiyamazaki - bass
Sergio Sanchez Ravelo - drums

A great, Los Angeles five piece who always tear the house down in performance, Corima take their cues from the mighty Magma and are unabashedly a very Magmoid zeuhl band.
They take that and give it a youthful energy and make it into something their own. Something borrowed, yes, bu

A great 5 piece, who simply tore the house down at ProgDay in 2013 and were one of the stunning highlights of the festival. This is the music they played there. Hugely recommended!

I saw Corima about in 2008, but at the time, they were a duo and...

Atte Kemppainen, Lead Vocals/Bass/Composition (Kolöniel name: Alemaahr Kempah)
Ville Sirviö, Lead Guitar (Kolöniel name: Willargh Shirow)
Roope Pelkonen, Keyboards/Vocals (Kolöniel name: Kaszpar Gorkeulhzennh)
Osmo Saarinen, Drums/Percussions/Vocals (Kolöniel name: Ozamö Sharif)

“A band singing in their created own language (named “Kolöniel”), does that remind you another band ? Yes, you’re right THAT Kobaïan band led by a famous French drummer! DAI KAHT story begins in Finland when

A real rarity reissued, Dün's one & only album is a blend of Zeuhl and French progressive rock with Zappa-ish influences. All instrumental, performed on piano/synths, guitars, flute, bass, drums & percussion (+ sax on the bonus tracks).
Originally recorded at Sunrise studio by Etienne Conod in 1981, the four original tracks on the album has been augmented by earlier, quite different recordings of 3 of these 4, as well as a previously unheard composition.

"As a symphonic album of such high...

"Now that ONE SHOT has split, this is the very first project of an ex-member to see the light. The band is led by drummer Daniel Jeand'Heur.

The music itself, while firmly connected to the classic One Shot sound (a heavy bass, explosive drums, Fender Rhodes, long tracks), also features a horn section.

The result, as you may expect from such a band, is a bridge between the most electric jazz-rock bands and prog. But the real sensation here is the inclusion of occasional vocals that add a...

“Loomings was born under the impetus of Jacopo Costa, an Italian musician living in Strasbourg, France. Thanks to the vitality of the local music scene, he has the opportunity to realize his creations with the help of several musicians with varied artistic backgrounds.
The voices of Maria Denami and Clara Weil - one from the lyric repertoire, the other rooted in contemporary music - add to the jazzy groove of Nicolas Klee (electric bass) and Nils Boyny (keyboards), as well as to the percussion and...

Very good first effort from a new generation of French Zeuhl.
Carole Sauvage-Fender Rhodes
Yannick Duchene-guitar, vocals
William Pawelzik-bass
Christophe Gratien-drums

"Influences: Zeühl, Jazz-Rock-Progressif, Classique-Contemporain, Lyrique, Traditionnel, Musiques spirituelles..."
"First CD of this French band that has recently opened for Magma at Bourg les Valence. A superb recording, heavily influenced by Magma (sound, compositions & spirit). Very much recommended...

"Reissue of an obscure underground French album from 1980. NOA features a histrionic female vocalist, piping the French language and enunciating syllables just like another instrument. The music of Noa is of the jazzy Zeuhl variety, with plenty of sax...

"Olive Mess is a band from Latvia (ex-USSR) that plays a very original progressive music. The line-up features guitar ( electric, classic, baroque ), bass, keyboards, drums, occasional sax, and a superb soprano female singer. Olive Mess was founded by...

A reissue of the very first, originally self-titled release by One Shot, which was self-released by the band in a edition of 500. This is a superb release by bassist Philipppe Buissonnet (Magma), keyboardist Emmanuel Borghi (Magma), guitarist James MacGaw (Magma) & drummer Daniel Jeand'heur who does not play with Magma, but he's as great as the others and why would Magma need another drummer? Recorded in one day, with a very live sound. The sound is a very appealing combination of Zeuhl mixed with...

This is a hand-numbered, limited edition of 300 copies of a release that was previously released on CD by AltrOck.

This relatively young band from Normandy, France, makes their debut on disc here, with a record that has six tracks; three from new recordings by the current line-up of the group (drums/lead vocals, bass/vocals, guitar/vocals, alto & baritone sax/alto clarinet/flute/vocals, soprano sax/bassoon/vocals plus guests on percussion, lead vocals, flute, oboe, clarinet & horn) as well as....

Scherzoo is the new quintet of composer/drummer/multi-instrumentalist François Thollot. He is a real talent and he has two previous albums on SZ that are both really good, but this is the first album where he has had the involvement of a band from the conception forward, and it shows by being his best release yet! This is a very fine modern Zeuhl/jazz rock album.

"Scherzoo is François Thollot's 3rd CD, with a new band, featuring Anthony Béard (bass), François Mignot (guitar), Jeremy Van...

Scherzoo is the band led by composer/multi-instrumentalist François Thollot. He is a real talent and has made fine albums completely on his own, but being the 'band guy' that I am, I like to see & hear him working with other musicians...

Francois Thollot-bass
Antony Pontet-electric piano, organ
Grégoire Plancher-electric piano, mellotron)
Clement Curaudeau-drums

This is the fourth release by Scherzoo, the band of multi-instrumentalist and composer Francois Thollot.
This all instrumental work operates somewhere in the realm between Canterbury-influenced sounds and zeuhl giving a unique slant to both styles and ending up being extremely enjoyable (as all of Francois’ work is)!

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I just saw these folks in Paris at the Soleil Zeuhl festival, and they were unbelievably great and also quite cosmically intense in a spiritual way. They performed this album and it's a revelation!

One of the highlights of 2007 was the debut release by this very fine, French Zeuhl outfit. This long-awaited second release is different, but equally fine; modern zeuhl doesn't get any better than this band.

"This is the second CD of the band, which may be in a more progressive style overall...

Shub Niggurath were a brilliant, very dark, French Zeuhl band. The original line-up (the only line-up that matters, imo) featured Alain Baullaud-bass, Franck Coulaud-drums, Franck Fromy-guitar, percussion, Jean-Luck Hervé-piano, harmonium, Ann Stewart-vocals and Veronique Verdier-trombone.
They seemingly burst out of nowhere with their stunning debut album on Musea (Musea's first release) "Les Morts Vont Vite" and then disappeared back into whatever dark hell had inspired them in the first place...

"This is the band's 7th full album - they have been around for nearly 30 years now and have always been difficult to classify, playing a weird mix of electronics, 80's RIO & post-punk music. Just like Ptose, another French band of the era, they have...

One of the best currently active Zeuhl bands that I can think of – they really do get better with each album!

“UNIT WAIL’s 4th album (“Egarés” which means ‘stray’ or ‘lost’) is now finally available. Recorded in 2018/2019, the line-up hasn’t changed since their previous album (“Beyond space edges”) although this time ex-ART ZOYD trumpet player Jean-Pierre Soarez is featured on several tracks.
Again, Frank Fromy (ex-Shub Niggurath) plays guitar on 2 tracks. The studio production is excellent..

Aurélie Saintecroix / Vocals
Vladimir Mejstelman / Drums
Joël Crouzet / Bass, guitars
Alexandre Michaan / Keyboards, synthesizers
guest musicians :
Michaël Havard / Saxophones on 'Budo' (straight alto, sopranino)
Nora Froger / Flutes on 'Au Fond des Creuses' Hyder Aga / Guitars on 'Au Fond des Creuses'

A great, modern zeuhl release, which is, really, all you need to know to know whether or not you want this / will enjoy this!

“This is VAK’s second CD but

Released by the always excellent Soleil Zeuhl label and given who appears on here, you won't be surprised to learn that this is a mostly excellent and very entertaining take on the music of Christian Vander.
All tracks previously unreleased and available elsewhere! Well done and huge fun for Magma/Zeuhl fans.
CD 1
01 - Üdü Wüdü (Minimum Vital)
02 - Kobah (Olivier Wursten Olmos)
03 - Mekajak (on motives of MDK - Blasquiz)
04 - Hamtaak (Pochakaite Malko) ...