Joshua Abrams: double bass
Ari Brown: tenor saxophone
Jeff Parker: guitar
Gerald Cleaver: drums

“Sharp, deeply interactive, and soulful music; a brilliant quartet!”

Joshua Abrams: double bass
Ari Brown: tenor saxophone
Jeff Parker: guitar
Gerald Cleaver: drums

“Sharp, deeply interactive, and soulful music; a brilliant quartet!”

Joshua Abrams: double bass
David Boykin: tenor saxophone
Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone
Frank Rosaly: drums

"Notice then how, in Unknown Known, “things” seem to settle in, so much so and so well they immediately freeze, before uncoiling, disintegrating, tearing apart, and come back as shadows. Notice how, on Boom goes the Moon, the theme is enmeshed then hypnotic, and the second part, like a harmonious cloud floats before imperturbably exploding. Notice how on Settle Down, a rooted...

Stéphane Payen: straight alto saxophone
Ingrid Laubrock: tenor saxophone
Chris Tordini: double bass
Tom Rainey: drums

“It is a fundamentally empathetic vision that shows the community of ideas and methods that drives these four creators.’

“The Art Ensemble of Chicago's latest album, recorded in Paris, where the group was formed over 50 years ago. Recorded in France in 2020 at the Son d' hiver festival, this recording celebrates the legendary group's historic ties to Paris, where it was formed in 1968.
When trumpet great Lester Bowie died in 1999, followers of the Art Ensemble of Chicago couldn't help but wonder whether the legendary quintet, which owed so much to his special and outlandish gifts, would - or should - go on. That it did.

“The Art Ensemble of Chicago's latest album, recorded in Paris, where the group was formed over 50 years ago. Recorded in France in 2020 at the Son d' hiver festival, this recording celebrates the legendary group's historic ties to Paris, where it was formed in 1968.
When trumpet great Lester Bowie died in 1999, followers of the Art Ensemble of Chicago couldn't help but wonder whether the legendary quintet, which owed so much to his special and outlandish gifts, would - or should - go on. That it did.

Anthony Braxton: sopranino, soprano and alto saxophones, electronics
Miya Masaoka: 21 string koto

"What becomes quickly apparent when the music ends is that the parts of the brain wired for multi-tasking and instant contextualization have been swamped by Masaoka and Braxton’s palette, their bold strokes and the vaulting arcs they form.-Bill Shoemaker, excerpt of the liner notes.
Recorded on August 25th 2013 by Jon Rosenberg at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, USA.

Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Steve Swell: trombone
Chris Lightcap: double bass
Chad Taylor: drums

“For this album, Rob Brown has brought together with him three outstanding, seasoned musicians. Steve Swell, at the top, is in perfect osmosis with his leader; Chris Lightcap and Chad Taylor's brilliant personalities help extend each musical phrase by giving them strength and volume. Adding to this the unique sound of Rob Brown's alto and particularly relevant compositions makes it a...

John Butcher: tenor and soprano saxophones
Thomas Lehn: electronic
Matthew Shipp: piano

“Matthew Shipp, John Butcher and Thomas Lehn appropriate the different aspects of music and sound and together manage to transform / combine / corrupt the elements at their disposal while keeping their individual identities and personalities intact. Their languages have the ability to set music in motion, to accelerate or decelerate, showing how these two factors can balance or unbalance each other...

Ernest Dawkins : soprano, alto & tenor saxophones
Harrison Bankhead : double bass, cello
Hamid Drake : drums, frame drum

Robert Dick-flutes
Tiffany Chang-drums
"R. Dick and T. Chang keeps the ear moving from beginning to end, a measure of how successfully they avoided redundancy."

Hamid Drake: drums, frame drum
Sylvain Kassap: eb, bb, bass and contrabass clarinets, chalumeau

"When I put these CDs on I knew immediately that from the first time I had heard them together until the time of these recordings their art, their voices, their intense empathy/telepathy for one another had grown to an almost unparalleled level: two instruments in complete harmony and synchronicity."Steve Dalachinsky, excerpt of the liner notes

CD-1 recorded live on February 5th 2007 by...

Paul Dunmall: tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp: piano
Joe Morris: double bass
Gerald Cleaver: drums

Recorded live on June 11th 2012 at Roulette, Brooklyn, New York, USA as part of Vision Festival 17.

“This recording is a meaningful example of why we all continue to work this way. While we pursue any and all other versions of Free Music that our imaginations allow, the open form collective performance that builds itself on pitch, melody, rhythm, energy and rich, deep expression

Ya GOTTA like flutes!
Michel Edelin (flutes), Sylvaine Hélary (flutes), Ludivine Issambourg (flutes), Peter Giron (double Bass), John Betsch (drums), special guest Nicole Mitchell (flutes).

Michel Edelin: flute, alto flute, bass flute
Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
Sylvain Kassap: clarinet, bass clarinet
Stéphane Kerecki: double bass
Simon Goubert: drums
John Greaves: spoken words

“Echoes of the mythic British band Henry Cow with one of its initial members as special guest. Great and fully relevant!”

“That a ‘jazz’ flautist should borrow musical ideas from a band labeled ‘rock’ will only come as a surprise to those who never experienced or ha

William Parker (double bass, shakuhachi flute, sintir, n'goni Kemlah n'goni, thumb piano)
Joe Morris (guitar, banjouke, banjo, double bass, fiddle, pocket trumpet, whistles)
Hamid Drake (drum set, frame drum, cymbals, gongs)

"Music made with improvisation, commitment, methodology, and love. Music made freely, by folks, for folks."

Fred Frith: electric guitar
Susana Santos Silva: trumpet

“The first collaboration (and for sure not the last one...) between Fred Frith and Susana Santos Silva, recorded live on August 27th 2021 at Motoco, Mulhouse, France.”

Tomas Fujiwara: drums
Patricia Brennan: vibraphone
Tomeka Reid: cello

“A new generation of musicians, although already very experienced. Very fresh and in depth music!”

“With the exception of Questions (composed about 10 years ago), these compositions were written for Patricia and Tomeka. As I composed, I had the sound and personalities of these two friends in my mind, and imagined a myriad of sonic possibilities for the unique instrumentation of vibraphone, cello and drums. As I

Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Tomas Fujiwara (drums)
Benoit Delbecq (piano, piano prepare)
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn)

This is 3/8ths of the great Living By Lanterns + Benoit! "Experimental and accessible music, a name revolutionary and royal. Four individuals, one ensemble!"

Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, flugelhorn
Mary Halvorson: guitar
Benoît Delbecq: piano
Tomas Fujiwara: drums

Vinyl-only second release by this great quartet!

“This is unique music made with great artistry that encourages us to imagine new things along with its creators.”

Recorded on November 15th 2017 by Julien Bassères at Studio de Meudon, Meudon, France.

"Thunderous applause, then a pause; then thunderous applause after an eloquent sophisticated dignified storm!"
Joelle Leandre-double bass
Mat Maneri-viola
Greald Cleaver-drums

Sylvain Kassap: clarinets
Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
Christiane Bopp: trombone
Aymeric Avice: trumpet, flugelhorn
Hélène Labarrière: double bass
Fabien Duscombs: drums

“Evocation of revolution by a musician with many influences (free jazz, progressive rock, contemporary music...) and surrounded by experienced peers.
Between resignation and social struggles, from melancholy to a shining hope, the music moves forward, like an unstoppable wave. Brilliant solo

Tom Rainey: drums
Ingrid Laubrock: tenor and soprano saxophones
Sylvie Courvoisier: piano
Mark Feldman: violin

“TISM is the result of four musicians of immeasurable ability listening to one another and drawing up intuition developed over years of collaboration to create something uncanny in all of its shifting turbulence and beauty. The communication is profound."

Roscoe Mitchell: sopranino(1), alto(2) and soprano(3) saxophones
George Lewis: laptop(1), trombone(2, 3)
Voyager: interactive computer pianist(2)

Recorded live by Arne Vierck at CTM Festival on February 2nd 2018 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany
“Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis first met in the summer of 1971 on Chicago’s South Side, where both musicians were born and raised. Mitchell and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, had just returned to the South Side after a two-year sojourn

Tony Malaby - tenor and soprano saxophones
Angelica Sanchez - piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
Tom Rainey - drums

“The second highly anticipated, Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey trio album more than 15 years after their first one.”

Mat Maneri: viola
Matthew Shipp: piano

Recorded by Jim Clouse on November 13th 2017 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Nearly 20 years after their only other duet album, "Gravitational System", Matt and Mat have felt the need to meet again to share and confront their respective musical experiences. To have matured does not mean that they have lost creativity and spontaneity; on the contrary, they can afford to put themselves in danger to push the music further. Control and...

Denman Maroney – piano
Scott Walton – double bass (formerly of Cosmologic)
Denis Fournier – drums, percussion

“D. Maroney, creator of hyperpiano, D. Fournier, drummer in the lienage of Sunny Murray or Milford Graves and S. Walton, solid and creative bassist.”

"Everything is out of proportion with Rob Mazurek's music; it is larger than nature, it has no other choice but to be so."
Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics)
Roscoe Mitchell (saxophones)
Nicole Mitchell (flutes)
Matana Roberts (sax)
Matt Bauder (sax)
Steve Swell (trombone)
Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone)
Kevin Drumm (electronics)
Matthew Lux (bass guitar)
Mauricio Takara (percussion)
Guilherme Granado (samplers)
John Herndon (drums)
Mike Reed (dr

Joe McPhee: tenor and soprano saxophones, vocals
Michael Bisio: double bass
Fred Lonberg-Holm: cello
Juma Sultan: percussion

“Four masters, four musical experiences, each as dense and diverse. For each of them, the need to explore is part of his conception of music. At all times, the music seeks to surpass itself, but without ever losing its balance, whether it is when they improvise, when they play each other’s compositions or when they reinvest the themes of Charlie Haden “Human...

Myra Melford: piano and melodica
Mary Halvorson: guitar
Susie Ibarra: drums and percussion
Ingrid Laubrock: tenor and soprano saxophones
Tomeka Reid: cello

“Myra Melford has brought together in this unique quintet five outstanding female musicans. This first album is inspired by Cy Twombly; hopefully it won't be the last one.”

“In the world of improvised music, so-called supergroups sometimes feel almost quotidien. After all, there are so many remarkable artists in the

"As the album moves on, it only gets better and better, and Nicole elevates herself to new heights."
Nicole Mitchell (flute, alto flute)
Craig Taborn (piano, Wurlitzer electric piano)
David Boykin (tenor sax)
Chad Taylor (drums, acoustic guitar)

Joëlle Léandre: double bass
Fred Frith: electric guitar
Alvin Curran: piano, synthesizer, samples
Urs Leimgruber: tenor and soprano saxophone

"This is powerful music, even dangerous. Not just because of this quartet’s name - MillsMusicMafia (aka MMM) - which offers some irreverent tendencies among its musicians. It is dangerous because of its suggestive power on us, a power that transcends the music, forming it into a deep spiritual experience one that may motivate us to kick out...

Jemeel Moondoc: alto saxophone
Matthew Shipp: piano
Hilliard Greene: double bass
Newman Taylor Baker: drums

"Jemeel Moondoc and his bandmates are masters of the terrifying art of communicating how they feel, an art which, of course, takes both great intelligence and great discipline…
A fire burns in Jemeel Moondoc’s music and once it was ignited it keeps spreading; it’s the flame you can also feel in the playing of Matthew Shipp, Hilliard Greene, and Newman Taylor Baker...

Joe Morris: guitar
Mary Halvorson: guitar

Joe was one of the first of the new American ‘out jazz’ musicians who I followed in their emergence in the late 80s/early 90s, after I’d given up on contemporary jazz due to too many young men in suits and ties with no dirt under their nails....
Joe didn’t do that and his wonderful hot ‘n’ sweaty power trio showed another way.
Joe was also one of Mary’s teachers before she left her native Boston and she (correctly) acknowledges how much she..

Joe Morris: guitar
Tomeka Reid: cello

“Joe Morris and Tomeka Reid offer a few new “standards” that are the fulcrum between a set of prepared instrument pieces where it is difficult to recognize either instrument and attention is absorbed by the overall density and character of sound, and a set notable for its sparseness as both Reid and Morris play primarily independent lines. Within that set, the effect, most apparent in the rare moments in which one musician briefly acknowledges the other...

Larry Ochs: tenor and sopranino saxophones
Natsuki Tamura: trumpet
Satoko Fujii: piano, synthesizer
Scott Amendola: drums, percussion, electronics
Matthias Bossi: thunder drum, Chinese gongs, shaky flotsam, percussion
William Winant: timpani, roto-toms, percussion

"Despite a well-documented incident where Larry Ochs was legally challenged for inflicting psychological damage on a festival goer who’d been expecting “jazz” (it’s a great modern parable), he doesn’t have quite t

Gerald Cleaver: drums, percussion
Larry Ochs: tenor & sopranino saxophones

“Recorded by Vincent Mahey (assistant: Morgan Beaulieu) on October 1st 2016 in the southwest of France, in a wild cave in absolute silence and darkness. Fall 2016, southwest France. Guided by its owner, Larry Ochs and Gerald Cleaver visit the Portel cave, a Magdalenian painted cave. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, given how few visits are allowed so as not to endanger the parietal works.
The cave paintings’...

Jeff Parker: guitar
Eric Revis: double bass
Nasheet Waits: drums

“This music is about a delicious understanding of life, that compels us to constantly rethink, relive, every single thing—to not be afraid of visiting our similar limits, as Marion Brown would so subtly say, and explore them. To lift, and spirit away, sounds and meaning.”

Jeff Parker: guitar, effects
Rob Mazurek: cornet, mutes

“This is the perfect duo! Jeff Parker and Rob Mazurek have known each other for more than 20 years. They have worked together in different ensembles and individually have explored several pathways to creativity. Their similar, yet different, approaches to creativity lead to the summit. This is an outstanding album.”

William Parker: double bass
Matthew Shipp: piano

“Excursions into myriad worlds of tone, texture and color.”

“There is not much I can say about the music except to say we just play the music. At times what is here seems to me to transcend the idea of music and enter some realm of pure language and vibration. I feel so blessed to be in a duo of this sort.”-M. S.

“All anchored by the tradition of the blues and the cosmic church. Even as the world around us is dying this new...

Didier Petit : cello, voice
"The third part of a triptych after "Deviation" and "Don't Explain": totally mature, a brilliant solo cello album."

At the 2012 Guelph Jazz Fest, the ROVA Saxophone Quartet (Bruce Ackley - soprano saxophone, Steve Adams - alto saxophone, Larry Ochs - tenor saxophone, Jon Raskin - baritone saxophone) performed an arrangement of John Coltrane s seminal Ascension album.

For this performance, Rova was joined by eight extraordinary musicians: Nels Cline (electric guitar), Fred Frith (electric bass), Carla Kihlstedt (violin and electronics) and Jenny Scheinman (violins), Chris Brown (electronics) and Ikue Mori....

Matthew Shipp: piano
Nicole Mitchell: flute, alto flute
Michael Bisio: double bass
Newman Taylor Baker: drums

“ALL THINGS ARE is the very first musical encounter between Nicole Mitchell and Matthew Shipp, two great musicians with already very rich backgrounds. It happened as quickly as simply; a shared desire, a date set for the recording session on a scorching afternoon, four musicians who are immediately so close that there will be only one shot for each piece. We expected a lot...

Matthew Shipp: piano
Rob Brown: alto saxophone, flute
William Parker: double bass

"The music takes on short, fleeting forms: fading here, held and moody there, as though the improvisation encouraged skepticism of firm certitudes. The tightness of the discourse, however, demands enlightening energy and lucid tautness."

Matthew Shipp: piano

THE REWARD will be released early December 2020, at the occasion of Matthew Shipp 60th birthday.
This double LP is the first vinyl Matthew Shipp recorded since his very first recording, "Sonic Exploration", a duo with Rob Brown, released on 1988! 500 copies limited edition.

Matthew Shipp - piano
Michael Bisio - bass
Whit Dickey - drums

Shipp plays in his own inimitably personal style some of the most beloved of Duke’s compositions, “rewriting” the book and making this excursion uniquely his own.
Many greats have tackled Ellington. The one who immediately comes to mind is Monk with his now legendary trio date for Riverside records Thelonious Monk plays the Music of Duke Ellington. The result is fascinating. But unlike Monk doing it his way, though....

Evan Parker: tenor & soprano saxophones
Matthew Shipp: piano

“At the antipodes of battles, the music of this duo, both delicate and precise, delivers its meditative comments in the warmth of the lung. It is very beautiful, it imposes a form of pacifist listening which tends to respect the moment and ends up giving you back some blast. Of course, there's the control of volume and progression in this improvised set, as well as the imbalance induced by the length of the two tracks on this....

Matthew Shipp – piano
Mark Helias – double bass

“M. Shipp and M. Helias, two outstanding artists, two great careers, the first time playing together!”

Claudia Solal: vocal
Benoît Delbecq: piano

“Like any modern artists aware of their predecessors Solal and Delbecq are provocative echoes of the past. Rather than comparing their work to that of masterly duos it might be more interesting to see them as a link in a chain of imaginary encounters. Think Abbey Lincoln and Myra Melford, or Sidsel Endresen and Mal Waldron, or Laurie Anderson and Anthony Davis. All the aforementioned were driven by no-compromise creativity and sense of purpose. Solal.