Dudu Pukwana – soprano & alto saxes
Chris McGregor – piano
Louis Moholo – drums

“On October 25th 1986 the world of jazz and improvised music lost one of its most original and creative musicians, when the bassist Johnny Mbizo Dyani died in Berlin. This album is dedicated to the man and his music by his South African brothers with whom he left South Africa as a member of the Blue Notes in 1964.
Recorded in London on 18 August 1987. The CD album is now available again, for the first tim

Dudu Pukwana – alto sax, whistle, percussion, vocals
Chris McGregor – piano, percussion
Johnny Dyani – bass, bell, vocals and most of the words
Louis Moholo – drums, percussion, vocals

“This music was recorded on 23rd December 1975 in a rehearsal room in London. It is the spontaneous tribute of four musicians who had assembled in London for the Memorial Service to their friend. No discussion took place beforehand and nothing was said during the session, save through the music....

Dudu Pukwana - alto saxophone
Chris McGregor - piano
Johnny Dyani - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

The entire band sounds great, but as the main solo voice, the concert is carried on the able shoulders of Dudu Pukwana. Typically distinctive Blue Notes performance!

“Recorded live at the 100 Club, London, on 16 April 1977 by Ron Barron. Some of this music was originally available on LP as OG 220 (Ogun, 1978) however this expanded CD edition has only ever been released as part

An Italian band who have a great love for Brit-jazz and, more specifically, the Ogun sound. The musicians are:
Pino Minafra trumpet, flugelhorn, voice
Roberto Ottaviano saxophones
Livio Minafra piano
Roberto Bellatalla bass...

Mark Charig: cornet, tenor horn
Keith Tippett: organ, zither, piano, voice, bell
Ann Winter: voice, bell

Much needed reissue of this rather obscure album which had some very quiet parts, which sounded terrible on the original...

Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Keith Tippett – piano
Chris Lawrence – bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo – drums

“Ogun Records are excited to announce the reissue of They All Be On This Old Road, on CD for the very first time, by the Elton Dean Quartet, featuring Elton Dean, Keith Tippett, Chris Laurence and Louis Moholo-Moholo. This expanded edition of the original LP includes 40 minutes of newly discovered extra material from the 1976 live recording and is released as a loving tribute to...

ELTON DEAN saxello & alto saxophone
HARRY BECKETT trumpet & flugelhorn

This reissues a scarce vinyl album, on CD for the very first time, that includes about 30' of extra music - making the entire concert available for the first time. This is also one of the last things that the great engineer Michael King worked on before he died.

"Recorded Live by Radio Cultura de Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1986...

Finally available again after being unavailable for nearly 30 years are the two albums by the group that, had you asked Elton Dean what was the musical association/group he had been a part of that he was most proud of, Ninesense would probably have been the answer. I know, because I asked him!

Ninesense were a combination of the original Keith Tippett Group with many of the players from the Brotherhood of Breath and it combined the sound of both of those groups, along with Elton's compositional....

"I first heard Alexander Hawkins play – at the Vortex Jazz Club, with the Anthony Braxton’s cornet-playing protégé Taylor Ho Bynum, bassist Dominic Lash and drummer Harris Eisenstadt in the Convergence Quartet. The music was an idiomatic white-knuckle...

Price sticker on back cover. Improvising vocalist Francine works with some of the best of the UK free music players; Evan Parker, Paul Rogers, Louis Moholo, Paul Rutherford, Keith Tippett & Claude Deppa. [Ogun]

This is a major addition to the Brit-jazz CD cannon. This is one of two solo piano recordings by the great pianist, composer and bandleader from South Africa and it's the best recorded of the two. This has =30' of previously unheard material from the...

Subtitled "Louis Moholo-Moholo meets Mervyn Africa - Pule Pheto - Keith Tippett", this is over 75' of drum and piano duets with Mervyn Africa (14'), Pule Pheto (17') and 45' - a full album in other words - of his work with long time partner and pal Kei...

Three well known British players(Moholo-drums, Parker-saxes & Guy-bass) + African newcomers Pule Pheto-piano & Gibo Phetond bass. Variations of solos, duo, trios, quartet, & over 45 minutes by the full five piece band.

This mid-sized band, features African-tinged jazz, ala The Brotherhood Of Breath. What a thrill it must have been for Louis to return to South Africa 3 decades after leaving because of apartheid to do this tour! Louis Moholo, leader, drums, vocals; The...

Alexander Hawkins-piano, John Edwards-bass, Louis Moholo-Moholo-drums, Jason Yarde-saxes.

"It’s the feeling that differentiates free jazz and its offshoots from every other species of contemporary western music: the sensation that the body and...

Nearly an hour of vibrant work from Louis'current group includes Jason Yarde on soprano, alto and baritone sax, Ntshuks Bonga on alto and tenor, Pule Pheto on piano, Orphy Robinson on vibes, John Edwards on bass and Francine Luce on vocals.

This is definitely one of Louis' strongest efforts as a leader and features a fine cast:
Louis Moholo-Moholo-drums
Jason Yarde & Ntshuks Bonga-saxophones
Henry Lowther-trumpet
Alan Tomlinson-trombone
Francine Luce-voice...

This double CD presents two seperate sessions, both led by drummer Moholo. Spirits Rejoice is from 1978 and is an all-star Brit-jazz session (Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti, Keith Tippett, Johnny Dyani and Harry Miller), while Br...

Jason Yarde - saxes
Shabaka Hutchings - saxes
Alexander Hawkins - piano
John Edwards - bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums

. "Well over 50 years after leaving apartheid South Africa behind and traveling to Europe with his Blue Notes bandmates, ALL of whom are gone, drummer Moholo-Moholo is still leading great bands with great players, some known to me and some not.
Somehow, all these years later and with a crew of native-born Brits, Louis and the crew manage to dig into and gi

Stan Tracey is probably the living (grand)father of modern British jazz; starting in the more typical post-bop style and as the house pianist at Ronnie Scott's internationally known club in London, by the late 60's, he was also playing a more adventuro...

This is one of three albums cut by altoist Mike Osborne for Ogun and everyone agrees that this is the best of them. Recorded live at Willisau, Switzerland on April 13, 1975, this isn't the world's highest fidelity recording; the meters veer dangerously...

In his heyday from the late 1960s to the end of the 70s, alto saxophonist Mike Osborne was one of the most distinctive saxophone voices in Brit-jazz (and when you are talking about a school that included Elton Dean, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana, Alan...

Much-needed reissue of a 1975 live date by this improvising ensemble who specialized in music that had a very wide dynamic range, but especially who could play extremely softly at times. The original vinyl release of this album suffered greatly from...

While this saxophone trio lasted for several years and played a lot of gigs in Europe, I believe that this is the only release that the band actually put out. It's been a real rarity until this new reissue.

"It is wonderful to have this album available for the first time on CD—and scary to realise that it was recorded and released in 1975! It is worth dwelling for a moment on how the (jazz) world has changed in the intervening years. In 1975, the idea of an all-saxophone group was unheard of; the...

This reissues the three albums originally released by Ogun documenting a 1977 session (The Longest Night volumes one and two) and a 1993 session (Corner to Corner) by one of the founders of non-idiomatic free improvisation and one of his longest...

Keith Tippett-piano, Larry Stabbins-tenor & soprano saxes, Elton Dean-saxello & alto sax, Mark Charig-cornet & tenor horn, Nick Evans-trombone, Paul Rogers-bass, Tony Levin-drums & percussion.

"Originally issued in 1986 as a double LP, “A loose..

Other than the very famous Centipede, this is the largest ensemble that Keith has ever led, with 22 musicians involved. The sound is very full & lyrical, & does bear resemblence to a smaller version of Centipede. Tippett (piano, harmonium), Stan Tracey...

Paul Dunmall tenor & soprano saxes, James Gardiner-Bateman alto sax, Peter Fairclough drums, Kevin Figes alto & baritones saxes, Thad Kelly double bass, Ben Waghorn tenor sax, bass clarinet, Julie Tippetts voice, seed pods, Balinese xylophone, toy...