Charles Loos (piano, keyboards)
Dirk Bogaert (flute)
Paul Elias (guitar)
Jean-Paul Musette (bass)
Tony Malisan (drums)
Jacky Mauer (drums)

“Jazz Rock supergroup from Belgium, including members from the veteran league of Prog and Jazz Rock music.The founding members appear to be keyboardist Charles Loos, who had parted ways with Cos a few years back, flutist Dirk Bogaert and drummer Jack Mauer, who previously played with Waterloo and Pazop, bassist Jean-Paul Musette...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue.

"Arachnoid's only album is an amazing opus from 1978 that combined the strengths of other French symphonic groups like Shylock and Ange into a darkly futuristic and aggressive blend. Another...

This is the one and only album by this French symphonic rock band from 1976.

"This is a nice French band, from the classic Crypto label. Their sound is quite derivative of Yes, but they sound amazing, since they don't use keyboards! Well... they *do* use them, but it's quite hard to notice, and there's no keyboardist credited on the album! The bass/drums work is amazing, and the guitarist pulls out some very Howe-esque riffs. The vocals are soft and gentle, very "French"...this is straight...

All new, never played,30 year old stock!
Jean-Pascal Boffo is a guitarist who was the leader of a zeuhl band called Troll. When the Musea label first started up in 1985, their first two releases were this album and the first Shub Niggurath album! Quite a start!
This album got a lot of acclaim in its day for its acoustic guitar-styled, instrumental progressive rock, obviously influenced by the best of Steve Hackett's solo work as well as "The Geese and The Ghost" by Anthony Phillips, but which...

A legendary French group that never released an lp in their lifetime, although they recorded a not released album for Tapioca, and whose leader, Dominique Grimaud, later collaborated with Guigou Chenevier of Etron Fou and then founded Video-Aventures!
This recently found tape was recorded live during summer 1975. The formation of the band is different on this tape than their usual 'rock band' lineup, as during this period Camizole were a duo who played only electronic music in the same vein as Klaus...

Reasonably well known and well thought of 'proto-progressive' French album originally recorded in early 1972.

"Ergo Sum is a French progressive rock band based in Aix-En-Provence, led by singer Lionel Ledissez and flute player Jean Guerin. The unique (and highly sought after) album issued by this line-up, "Mexico" (1972), is now reissued and accompanied by a complete biography and bonus tracks. It's still full of the energy and youthfulness of the early Seventies. This music is based on tortured...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue with the striking cover art!

Etron Fou were one of the premier French avant/progressive bands from 1974-1986, & a founding member of R.I.O. This reissues the Etron's 1st album, from early 1977...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue of a stone classic of the early and original R.I.O. movement and this documents the first foray of any of those bands to the shores of the USA!

Etron Fou were one of the premier French avant...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue of a stone classic of the early and original R.I.O. movement.

Etron Fou were one of the premier French avant/progressive bands from 1974-1986, & a founding member of R.I.O. This reissues the...

This is Etron Fou Leloublan about 9 months after I saw them open up for Henry Cow, performing the material of their soon to be released fantastic 2nd album, Les Trois Fous, at the legendary, first RIO festival, along with Henry Cow, Stormy Six, Univers Zero and Samla Mammas Manna! A slice of history and an amazing performance by Ferdinand Richard (bass, vocals), Guigou Chenevier (drums, vocals) and Francis Grand (sax, vocals). Plus you can finally hear what I heard when I saw them, which is Ferdinand's...

Great to see this relic from the very early 70s reappear on vinyl ("...all selections were written and composed by Dashiell Hedayat on Autumn 69...and finally recorded at Strawberry Studio on May 1971. Warning: This record must be played as loud as possible, must be heard as stoned as impossible and thank you everybody.").
Originally released 1971 on the rare and collectable Shandar label, this was the work of French writer Jack-Alain Leger, who released an 1969 collectable album under the name...

Denis Barbier – flutes
Pierre-Jean Gidon – tenor & soprano sax
Olivier Hutman – piano, electric piano
Jean-Marie Laumonnier – double bass, electric bass
Jean-Philippe Lobrot – drums
Mino Cinelu – percussion

This is the first time that this one-and-done French jazz rock rarity has ever been reissued in any form!
This is Euro-styled progressive electric jazz; perhaps a bit comparable to Missus Beastly.

“Originally released in 1976, Moravagine (including 3 membe

The first of two by this early (1970-72), great, legendary, French progressive/Canterbury styled band.

"The first album by this French progressive rock band (widely influenced by jazz and psychedelia) was originally released in 1971 on CBS."

"An early Seventies legendary band influenced by Soft Machine and Frank Zappa. An original and very fine Progressive rock with complex melodies and polished arrangements. It offers very elaborate themes full of breaks in rhythms and following...

The 2nd of two albums by this early (1970-72) French progressive/Canterbury styled band.

"A full half of the songs on this, their second album, are completely instrumental, and those that are not have a clear instrumental focus.
The band was the four-piece of Gerard Pons (drums), Didier Thibault (bass), Gerard Bertram (guitars and vocals) and Maurice Helmlinger (trumpet, saxes, flute and hammond organ); in addition, guests contribute trombone, bassoon, vibes and backing vocals...

Pazop were a Belgian 'supergroup' (players came from/went to Arkham, Aksak Maboul, etc.), but they had a star crossed, too short career.
They recorded a first albumthat was rejected by their record label. They then recorded new songs in the summer of 1973 at Start Studios.
Influenced by Canterbury-style jazz/rock bands, such as Moving Gelatine Plates & Supersister, as well as by Weather Report and some aspects of Bruford-era King Crimson, these recordings are released on vinyl for the very...

Nice release of the great lost first album from this Belgian 'supergroup' (players came from/went to Arkham, Aksak Maboul, etc.) and you can hear elements of Canterbury-style bands such as Moving Gelatine Plates and Supersister here, among others.

"Arisen on the ashes of some famous Belgian bands (WALLACE COLLECTION, WATERLOO and ARKHAM), PAZOP signed a contract and recorded this first album in 1972. Unfortunately, the label refused to release the record due to its title. Influenced by ZAPPA and..

FYI: All copies in stock at this time have dinged upper left corners. Price has been lowered for now. Potemkine were a great French band who existed throughout most of the 70's and managed to release three small-press albums between 1976-78.
Foetus was their first and may be the best known, since it was released on the Pole / Tapioca imprints.
They absorbed influences from Zeuhl, fusion, avant-rock and more & fused it into a blend that was theirs alone.

“Potemkine was a French...

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue of a stone classic of wacky, early 80s electro-wave with the fantastic Mark Beyer cover!

Ptose were a great, some Residents inspired electro-band from France in the 70s. This was their only...

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Written by Gilbert Artman (Lard Free, Urban Sax), Quad Sax is a miniature distillation of the ideas of Urban Sax; 4 saxophones playing spacey, hocket- riddled music with some percussives.
This is the only material available at non-collector prices of Artman's fantastic Urban Sax style music, so even though it doesn't quite reach the heights of Urban Sax, due to the much smaller lineup, it's still pretty necessary.

“An early-70's French entry with strong Magma links.It all started in late-60's, when keyboardist Jean-Pol Asseline and drummer Thierry Blanchard played with bassist Gerard Prévost, future member of Zao, and participated in several Jazz-linked concerts, before deciding to form a regular band. Asseline and Blanchard were joined by organist Alain Monier, bassist Serge Lenoir and sax player Alain Hatot, forming Guige. They were rehearsing at Monier's family basement and were discovered by CBS, signing a...

This is the first solo album from one of the main folks in Etron Fou Leloublan. It was originally released on the Celluloid label in 1981, around the same time that the band was working on "Les Poumons Gonfl�s".
Even though the personnel is listed semi-pseudonymously, I'm pretty sure that this is all of Etron Fou backing him on this.
Not quite as great as Etron Fou, but still very good and even whackier.

"A unique blend of dadaist jazz, art rock and new wave, inviting Ferdinand into the

First of two much enjoyed & sought after instrumental symphonic rock releases by this guitar/bass, keyboards & drums trio. Their sound was obviously influenced by King Crimson (guitarist Frdrick L'Epe later went on to found & lead Philharmonie, a very King Crimson influenced band), and, in turn, they are obvious influences on some of the modern symphonic rock bands, especially Anglagard. This is comprised of two long tracks & a 3rd short track. If you are exploring classic 1970's French progressive...

Second of two much enjoyed & sought after instrumental symphonic rock releases by this guitar, bass, keyboards & drums quartet. Their sound was obviously influenced by King Crimson (guitarist Frederick L'Epee later went on to found & lead Philharmonie, a very King Crimson influenced band), and, in turn, they are obvious influences on some of the modern symphonic rock bands, especially Anglagard.
If you are exploring classic 1970's French progressive/symphonic, you really can't go wrong here.

This is a fairly rare 1975 album that was originally released on Chant du Monde. It's also somewhat of a Zeuhl/jazz rock supersession, which was led by George Jinda (drums) and featured Yochk'o Seffer (sax), Joel Dugrenot (bass), Jean-Luck Bucchi (electric piano), Gerard Curbillon (guitar) and Shiroc (percussion).
It's a very good album with definitely electric Miles influences, definite Zao influences and more. Yet another very good French album from the classic period.

“Surrounded by...

"An ecology-inspired Krautrock album (1971) from a short-lived group comprised of German school-chums, some of whom had recorded an LP as Trikolon. Tetragon did not conform to any predetermined musical style: they played whatever they pleased, as long as it included groovy Hammond organ and very trippy, flanged wah-wah guitar, in various taut jamming modes that favored jazz/rock fusion à la Miles Davis with a small dose of classical music (adapting a Bach fugue along the way). The result is a bouquet of...

“Verto (aka Vertø) was chiefly the project of Toulouse (France) based guitarist Jean-Pierre Grasset circa 1974 to '79. Verto involved members of Potemkine in the early days, playing a hybrid of rock fusions close the Zeuhl style. Often Verto would be Monsieur Grasset alone, doing live multi-track work on his guitar with delay/foldback in the vein of Manuel Göttsching or Steve Hillage. Other members included Benoît Widemann (from Magma) and Jean-Pierre Fouquey (from Forgas and later in Magma).”


A "Zeuhl supergroup" of sorts, this combined musicians from Magma & Heldon into a heavy progressive band that drew it's initial inspiration from Magma, but had their own sound.

Big names here include Bernard Paganotti, Patrick Gauthier, Michel Ettori, & Jean-Philippe Goude. This 1978 release was sort of the last gasp of first generation French zeuhl, but a great swansong it is!

Beautiful, legitimate and fully licensed reissue with gatefold sleeve!

"Formed from two former Magma members: Yochk'o Seffer (Saxophone) and Franois, Faton" Cahen (Piano)", Zao proposes through its albums a fusion of rock, jazzHungarian folk...