Gunda Gottschalk: violin, voice
Xu Fengxia: guzheng, voice

Recorded May 18, 2008.
"Impressive in its own way was the duo of violinist Gunda Gottschalk and guzheng virtuoso Xu Fengxia, in whose hands contrasting roots in Western and Ea

"Two living legends of extreme Japanese music sharing the stage for the first time outside of Japan."

Huge 23 piece band directed by Vancouver composer John Korsrud. This band uses elements of jazz (of course), but with a decidedly modern esthetic. You will also hear elements of rock, 20th century composition (Korsrud studied with Louis Andriessen), mi...

Led by composer John Korsrud, the HRO is from Vancouver and they specialize in that netherworld between composed new jazz and improvised music. A program of short and mid length works (none tops the 10' mark) composed by Korsrud, Jean Derome, Ren Lussi...

This has Lars' engaging compositions with his great Looping Home Orchestra, & includes guest shots by Jean Derome & Fred Frith. Fabulous & fun! IMO, this is one of Lars' great ones! If you are going to own just one Lars Hollmer album, this is certainly one to consider (but if you get it, don't be surprised if you want more!) Hugely recommended!

It's great to see another release by this unique trio of Anna Homler-voice, Geert Waegeman-keyboards, etc. (of Cro Magnon) & Pavel Fajt-percussion, who released the excellent & otherworldly ''Macaronic Sines'' CD. This live release, features the additi...

One hour of acoustic, completely free, ''open'' improvisations; duets, trios, & quartets on acoustic guitars, violin, and alto saxophone.

Two fabulous players give us improvised guitar duets, which get into a wilder, freer vein.

"Violinist/vocalist Carla Kihlstedt (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, 2 Foot Yard, Tin Hat, Cosa Brava), Bassist/Guitarist Shahzad Ismaily (Ceramic Dog, Secret Chiefs 3, 2 Foot Yard) and drummer/storyteller Mattias Bossi (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Cosa...

Two Mexican artists, one a violinist, the other on ceramic flutes, flute Veracruz harp & piano. Extended techniques & unusual improvisational instruments [Victo]

These three noted improvisers on guitar, percussion, turntables, electronics & vocals, recorded live 5/20/94. [Victo]

Kovac is a composer from the former Yugoslavia. This features the composer's clarinet as he leads the ''Ritual Nova'' Ensemble (soprano voice, violin, cello, piano & percussion). The music sounds deceptively sparse at first, but these are both yet mor...

Kovac is a composer from the former Yugoslavia. This features the composer's clarinet as he leads the ''Ritual Nova'' Ensemble (soprano voice, violin, cello, piano & percussion). The music sounds deceptively sparse at first, but these are both yet mor...

Duos on double bass from these two groundbreaking free jazz bassists, recorded live 5/19/02 at the Victo Fest. [Victo]

Sax, piano & double bass. "The choices Leimgruber, Demierre, and Phillips have made are everywhere unexpected and unexplained, but fit together as aural expression in the ambiguous area between imagination (a belief without experience to support it) an...

''Though the four had never played together as a quartet, they had played with each other in other combinations, so each came with a familiarity of improvisational strategies and a willingness to push the music. What each of these musicians share is a ...

Something a little different for guitarist Lussier, as he leads a 15 piece band through a series of both densely composed sections as well as sections that allow for a much greater amount of improvisation & freedom. [Victo]

Rene Lussier – guitar, daxophone
Erick d’Orion – computer, electronics
Robbie Kuster – drums
Martin Tétrault – turntable, electronics

“Lussier, Orion, Kuster and Tétreault created an hour of thunderous atmospheres, heterogeneous collages and heavy sound masses. The liberated, energetic and unpretentious improvised music like that, we would take it even more often.”

“The performance of the quartet was the high point of the Festival.” – All About Jazz

"2 guitars, 3 turntables, one spy-microphone, and 201 spectators." Recorded live at Victoriaville, 5/19/08.

The guitars of Sonic Youth with turntable avantist Marclay. ...a wall of beautiful noise was erected...mesmeric abandon.-The Independent. [Victo]

''My impetus for founding this 16 piece orchestra was based on the desire to have a hybridized, inter-cultural, electronic-friendly, inter-media orchestra that could perform my compositions...''-Miya Masaoka.

As a strangely beautiful festival finale, the Finnish pair known as Pan Sonic met with the Japanese sound manipulator Merzbow for the first time. Perched behind their laptops, Pan Sonic artfully explored acoustic phenomena and together constructed a so...

I have rediscovered the pleasure & the emotion to play free again. This music is full of warmth, melody, energy & fantasy, with, of course, a Mediterranean soul... Pino Minafra-trumpet, Sandro Satta-alto sax, Georgio Occhipinti-piano, Vincenzo Mazzone-...

The 1st North American release by Italian trumpeter/composer/bandleader Pino & his sextet (trombone, saxes, keyboards, bass, drums). His work stradles the boundry between new-jazz & European freemusic. [Victo]

For many folks, free improvised vocals is one of the hardest genres to ''get''. While this is hardly an easy listen, Minton is a very talented & amusing artist & this set with John Butcher-saxes, Veryan Weston-piano & Roger Turner-drums has 16 short wo...

This work has the AEC reedman playing solos, duos, & trios with violin, drums, bass (Richard Davis), bull roarers & wind wands. [Victo]

Guitarist Moore appears with drummers Tom Surgal & Wm. Winnant. A powerful improvisation, recorded at the 13th Victoriaville Festival. ''The 3 musicians are carried away by the power of pure sound & energy.'' [Victo]

"Recorded at the 25th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville on May 28, 2008."

Cellist Murray & bassist Hopkins 1st worked together in Henry Threadgill's Sextett. With the Sextett's demise, they've struck out on their own with this unique duo concept. Great playing here from both. [Victo]

This is the 1st new work by these Italian composers since their two ReR releases from 10 years ago. They've got a new partner too. ''...a stunning accomplishment...both exceptional & exceptionally strange.''-Cadence. [Victo]

Maurizio Opalio-cosmic guitar, mini xylophone, meteor percussion and Roberto Opalio-astral guitar, piano, extraterrestrial electronics, harmonica, planetary percussion, voice. “Each album or performance by My Cat Is An Alien is an invitation to leave...

The three players of New Winds (Robert Dick-flutes, J.D. Parran-saxes & Ned Rothenberg-reeds) are some of the of the finest reed/horn players around. [Victo]

The three players of New Winds (Robert Dick-flutes, Herb Robertson-trumpet/flugehorn & Ned Rothenberg-reeds) are some of the of the finest reed/horn players around. [Victo]

The 2nd release by this LA-based duo. Using female voice, clarinets, strings, keyboards, bass & drums they combine a large number of influences (art rock, Art Bears, art-song, electronics) into their own blend. [Victo]

The NNCK band's performance at Victo from 5/21/05 is a great, heaving, post-psychedelic-but-still-psychedelic record from this seven piece improvising rock collective from New York City. They have been a band since 1992 and have had their own practice...

A 13 piece band + guest Marilyn Crispell in a studio date from 11/04. Kate Hammett-Vaughan: voice, Coat Cooke: baritone & tenor saxophones, flute, Bruce Freedman: alto saxophone, Graham Ord: tenor & soprano saxophones flute, Saul Berson: alto saxophone...

10th album by this dada-esque quartet of guitar, bass, drums & vocals (by the incomparable Han Buhrs). ''Palinckx wants to astonish, cofuse, move & make you think.'' '' loving, post-punk, post-Beefheart frenzy.''-Jazziz. [Victo]

A sextet of Baritone saxes (!) led by Montreal saxist Papasoff, & including Hamiet Bluiett & Jean Derome. Each member contributes a chart, so it's a group effort. '' simply forgets that only baritones are playing, just a one does not always notic...

Evan Parker's trio with Paul Lytton and Alex Schlippenbach and Peter Brotzmann's trio with Hamid Drake and William Parker were on North American tours at the same exact time in Spring, 2003. Why not arrange a meeting for them at FIMAV? This, then, was ...

Sainkho Namtchylak - voice
Barry Guy - bass
Paul Lytton - percussion, electronics
Phil Wachsmann - violin, viola, electronics
Marco Vecchi - sound broadcast, live electronics
Walter Prati - live electronics
Evan Parker - soprano and tenor saxophones

“The FIMAV performance is an extraordinary recording, an aural opportunity
to hear the Ensemble exploring at length, stretching the contemporaneous studio documentation, but even with the Ensemble’s brilliant a

New release by Evan and an all-star unit, recorded live at the 30th FIMAV (Victo Festival) in May, 2014.
Peter Evans : pocket trumpet, trumpet
Okkyung Lee : cello
George Lewis : electronics, trombone
Ikue Mori : electronics...

Live improvisations from tenor & soprano sax & improvising (Tuvan throat) vocals. ''When they joined the sax & voice together, they existed in the space between my ears...filling my brain. Astounding music.''-Bill Smith of Coda. [Victo]

Recorded at the Victo Festival on May 22, 2005, this has a great band of moderately well known players and up 'n' comers, all led by bassist Parker: Sabir Mateen-tenor saxophone tenor, alto clarinet, Darryl Foster-tenor & soprano saxophones, Rob Brown...

Two lengthy compositions, performed on her keyboards & harp + guitar (Chris Cochrane), violin, cello, drums (Ikue Mori), & voice. [Victo]

Disc One: live FIMAV 5/2019
Disc Two: live at the Western Front 5/1989

“That distinguished history at once evaporates into and illuminates the inspiring presence of these two Phillips performances, another leap in time, linking the 1989 concert Camou¬age, a then state-of-the-art account of bass possibilities, to Ahoy! a voyager’s greeting shouted across time. It documents Phillips’ appearance on the stage of Victoriaville’s Colisée in May 2019, a slight and almost spectral presence standing...

"The next set my favorite one of the entire fest, it featured Barre Phillips on acoustic bass, Catherine Jauniaux on voice and Malcolm Goldstein on violin. This set was completely acoustic and didn't really employ any extended techniques yet...

A tribute to bassist Peter Kowald, one of the pioneers of European free improvisation, and also someone who set up the world-wide network of free music performers, performed by four double bassists who had previously worked with him. [Victo]

"The noisiest concert of FIMAV 2011!"

3 generations of musical trouble-makers meet for an all-improvised performance at this great festival. Even for those who follow Richard & Merzbow's previous meetings, the addition of Wolf Eyes throws some...

The Paul Plimley Trio seeks to expand the dimensions of composed and improvised music making. This recording focuses on the elements of beauty, rhythm, and the diversity of ways in which piano, bass and drums can create telling textures and how the lead..

Recorded 5/22/00, this has solo sets by pianists Marilyn & Cecil and a powerful duo set between pianist Plimley & Oswald, leaving Plunderphonic mode behind & just ripping into the saxophone.... [Victo]