New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Annette Peacock - electric bass, synthesizer, electric piano
Paul Bley - electric piano, synthesizer
Han Bennink - percussion

"Recorded Live March 26th, 1971 at Club B14 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Improvisie is a part of the 1971 trilogy of Paul Bley and Annette Peacock's combined experimental recorded work.
Improvisie is taken from a compelling period for three iconic figures of the free jazz movement, and their pioneering use of the first-ever Moog synthesizers...

2017 release from one of the most popular instrumental post-rock bands out there!
"Every Country's Sun takes two decades of Mogwai's signature, contrasting sounds – towering intensity, pastoral introspection, synth-rock minimalism, DNA-detonating volume – and distills it, beautifully, into 56 concise minutes of gracious elegance, hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria. Produced by psych-rock luminary Dave Fridmann, it's a structural soundscape built from stark foundations up; from a gentle...

"It is with great pride that Sacred Bones Records announces its official, expanded, re-release of the soundtrack to David Lynch's landmark 1977 film, Eraserhead. This edition includes: a 16 page booklet, a four panel fold out double sided poster, digital download. The bonus song "Pete's Boogie" is a newly discovered Peter Ivers recording taken from the original audio tapes and mixed by Lynch himself."

The world's greatest Chilean Krautrock band. The world's only Chilean Krautrock band, but, seriously, these guys are quite great!

"Follakzoid began seven years ago as a trance experience between childhood friends Diego, Juan Pablo, and Domingo from Santiago, Chile. Heavily informed by the heritage of the ancient music of the Andes, the band has learned to integrate this influence with contemporary sounds of their times, creating a rich yet minimal atmosphere. IIIÂ is a four-part minimal...

" Shadow of the Sun is the result of a few months of Moon Duo wrangling with a new and unsettling way of being. Working both in a dark basement in Portland, and above ground in sunny San Francisco, these new sounds and songs veered dramatically from groove to groove, revealing sonic textures the duo had not previously explored. The song "Night Beat", with it's woozy dance rhythm, is an attempt at finding joy and acceptance on this new, shifting ground, while "Wilding" plays off the familiar Moon Duo...

Driving, epic guitar based psych / stoner music from Australia, with ethereal, nearly drowned out by the waves of guitars, female vocals. Very good stuff with a certain hard-edged, yet floating quality!

"Iconic Australian psych rock quintet Beaches return with epic double LP Second Of Spring - Chapter Music's first double album by a single artist. Beaches' much-loved second album She Beats brought the band international acclaim in 2013. Featuring guitar by German motorik hero Michael Rother (Neu...

Driving, epic guitar based psych / stoner music from Australia, with ethereal, nearly drowned out by the waves of guitars, female vocals. Very good stuff with a certain hard-edged, yet floating quality!

"Iconic Australian psych rock quintet Beaches return with epic double LP Second Of Spring - Chapter Music's first double album by a single artist. Beaches' much-loved second album She Beats brought the band international acclaim in 2013. Featuring guitar by German motorik hero Michael Rother (Neu...

"An entertaining collection of outtakes, alternate versions, early cuts and oddities ("Come Back Beatles" and "The Fab Four-Four" are from a single done as a lark.) Notable for alternates of "Dearg Doom" and "King Of The Fairies" (a pair of concert favorites) and the inclusion of "Green Gravel." Shows off the Horslips mix of rock and Celtic very nicely."-AllMusic

"Recorded at their triumphant comeback gig in the O2 arena in Dublin 2009, Live at the O2 has all the power and energy one might expect from the biggest band in Ireland throughout the 70's."

"Horslips return to the studio after decades of radio silence and bring an acoustic flavour to their inimitable repertoire of Irish rock and folk classics. Among the songs getting the reworked treatment are culturally important pieces like Trouble With A Capital T and The Man Who Built America."

"This classic album from the pioneers of Celtic Rock and Folk was remastered at Abbey Road and features original artwork and bonus material."

"The third album by this Irish quintet, Dancehall Sweethearts abandoned the overt Celtic-rock sound that defined their first two albums, Happy to Meet Sorry to Part and The Tain. Subtle folk touches are still present here but to a much lesser degree. Charles O'Connor's fiddle parts aren't as bold or traditionally based as on previous records and keyboardist Jim Lockhart doesn't accentuate Horslips' songs with tin whistle and uilleann pipes with the frequency of past recordings. So while this album...

"'That which does not kill me will make me stronger' might well have been the motto that Horslips adopted after the release of The Unfortunate Cup of Tea, their 1975 release. That album, generally regarded as their weakest, somehow gave rise to this, perhaps their strongest. Returning to their original formula of rock & roll, folk, and prog rock, Book of Invasions rivals 1973's The Tain as their most consistent and creative, and established the band as that decade's preeminent purveyor of those three...

"Celtic Rock legends Horslips are joined by the Ulster Orchestra breathing new life into their stunningly melodic and powerful repertoire of folk and rock classics including Dearg Doom, Trouble With A Capital T and a moving rendition of Sideways To The Sun."

"This classic album from the pioneers of Celtic Rock and Folk was remastered at Abbey Road and features original artwork and bonus material."

"At a time when Horslips were rapidly drifting away from their quasi-traditional Irish roots, they unexpectedly delivered this gift-wrapped gem. With the exception of Barry Devlin's electric bass and John Fean's occasional contemporary guitar stylings, this is a solid traditional Irish album and certainly the most autochthonous recording by Horslips. All 13 of the selections are of Irish origin, among them three Turlough O'Carolan tunes including the sprightly "Sir Festus Burke" (it is unclear whether it...

"Get ready for the ride of your life through Irish folk-rock styles. The opening track of the group's debut album, with its pipes, button accordion, and percussion, could pass for any Chieftains record, but then the electricity kicks in on "Hall of Mirrors," and the rest is melodic rock, not so much folk-rock as folkish rock, recalling early Genesis. John Fean sounds like he's playing folk melodies even as he plays runs on his electric guitar on "The Clergy's Lamentation," and the group follows this with...

"Phantasma is retro synth music, without being retrowave. Taking it's drive from 80s horror films, Phantasma's music is made for people that reminisce of the last era of simpler times, before the modern era of obsessive technology and social media - the 1980s. A must have for fans of Zombi, Carpenter, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Tangerine Dream."

"For this definitive edition, historical and technical liner notes are provided by noted jazz historian Ben Young, who restored and remastered the album with his Triple Point Records partner Joe Lizzi.
First-generation Saturn pressings of The Magic City were monophonic. A full stereo version had been issued on Sun Ra's Thoth subsidiary label sometime after 1969; however, it suffered from a technical flaw that prevented many copies of the LP from tracking cleanly through the first cut on side B...

This incredibly groovy outing reissues two of Ornette's very rarest items, both from 1969 and 1972, respectively, and both originally on Impulse. These two receive their very first CD reissue here, mastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision from original tape sources!

"As the man who basically invented free jazz and even coined the term, Ornette Coleman has had the vast majority of his catalog reissued on CD, and rightfully so. But there are two records, both recorded for the Impulse! Label, that .

The return of one of the many, many great bands centered around the Downtown / Knitting Factory in the mid/late 80s. Delightful.

"The JAZZ PASSENGERS are a fantastical fusion of post-bop and musical comedy, once called 'a perverse mainstream hard-bop group as imagined by Frank Zappa' - Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe, 1989).
Their name, a take-off on Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, reveals the musicians wild ride along the eccentric currents in modern American music. Saxophonist Roy Nathanson...

Michel Herr (electric piano, keyboards, percussion)
Richard Rousselet (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion)
Robert Jeanne (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)
Nick Kletchkovsky (electric bass)
Bruno Castellucci (drums, percussion)
Félix Simtaine (drums)
This is the only release by this mid 70s Belgian, jazz/rock offshoot of Placebo, who sound quite a bit like Placebo [and also Nucleus, Transit Express, Perigeo, etc].
Mellow with a nice friendly vibe; this is mellow and not 'o

BIG price reduction on the vinyl version of Steve's most recent, non soundtrack work. Along with "Light Echoes", I think it's some of his best stuff!

"Pangaea Ultima, Steve Moore's debut record on Spectrum Spools, is an epic musical achievement, not simply for its sonic sophistication and compositional mastery, but also because Moore has crafted here an album that has come as close to any in transcending the boxed human logic of time and place. The album title refers to the name which geologists...

This is a nice, new edition, for the first time reissued on vinyl, of this Czech proto-progressive album, the only album released by the band, as the kerfluffle over the lyrical content caused the record to be banned and the band quickly died.
The overall sound is reminscent of Colosseum and early King Crimson (sans mellotron, avec Ian McDonald's saxisms) lots of great heavy organ. This band not only didn't catch a break, they nearly went to jail over this, and they deserved much better...

Embryo are famous for their excursions into world music and collaborations with musicans from all over the globe, but this, their very first album, originally released on the Ohr label, is a stone classic Krautrock album.
This includes 2 bonus tracks from the same basic period, which adds nearly 30' of playing time to the album! If you don't already have this, then you need this one.

This release by Moondog was originally released in 1953 and is the earliest commercial recordings he made! It was also, amazingly enough, released on Epic! One of the great US mavericks of the 20th century.

"Moondog And His Friends is resplendent with the same sparse yet rhythmic percussion as is found on his various other albums. Despite the And His Friends credit there is little mention of any of them on the original sleevenotes, save for a mention for his wife who performs on the oo, a...

What happens when one of the most popular & influential jazz artists of our time does something a bit out of the ordinary and of possibly even more of interest to Wayside readers? The sad but unsurprising answer lies in the rock bottom bargain price for this incredible set....

"...In particular, don't miss the "Orchestrion in the Studio" extra. On this, one is able to actually see the working of the robot instruments much more clearly than in the main program."

Brandon Seabrook - Guitar
Chuck Bettis - Throat/Electronics
Dave Treut - Drums
Sam Ospovat - Drums
Markia Hughes - Cello
Eivind Opsvik- Bass

"For its 50th release, New Atlantis Records is proud to present guitar wizard Brandon Seabrook's new large ensemble recording, Die Trommel Fatale. Conceived as a poly-rhythmic exploration of the dark side of the drum, Die Trommel Fatale layers dichotomous drummers against cello, bass, electronics, voice and guitar. By dispensing with..

This is 15 classic 'Rock Progressivo Italiano' discs, all in their original jewel case packaging, at an incredible bargain price. You get [in alphabetical order]:
Area - Crac!
Arti E Mestieri - Tilt
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Banco Del Muturo Soccorso
Franco Battiato - Sulle Corde Di Aries
Cervello - Melos
Formula 3 - Dies Irae
Napoli Centrale - Napoli Centrale
Pierrot Lunair - Gudrun
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Storia Di Un Minuto
Reale Accademia Di Musica

"A work nearly five years in its evolution, In Remembrance is Delia Gonzalez's first major project since she ended her collaboration with Gavin Russom to focus on her fine art career. Beginning as a set of 16mm films of ballet dancers accompanied by solo piano compositions, Gonzalez found inspiration for the piece in inspiration itself: In Remembrance celebrates the creative spark and clarity that make art possible in its hypnotic music and visuals. Her four piano pieces were influenced by spiritual...

I found out about this band when I was doing early prepatory work for our Upsilon Acrux album and saw them compared to this group. Sleeping People are an instrumental dual guitar, bass and drums band from San Diego. Lots of mathrock and King Crimson influences abound and this is a pretty great release!
This is their 1st album (of two) and is out of print except on vinyl.

"Sleeping People are an instrumental rock unit from San Diego, CA, bent on breaking down the wall between math rock and...

Dave King-drums
Anthony Cox-bass
Dean Granros-guitar
Brandon Wozniak-sax
The diverse Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene has spawned an incredible array of brilliant musicians. Like many smaller markets, the Twin Cities seem to breed multi-dimensional musicians who are versed in many styles and are willing to try anything. Vector Families is a perfect example of this ethos, as three generations of forward thinking musicians have converged to deliver For Those About to Jazz/Rock, We Salute..

"Archive release from the veteran synthesist of Pere Ubu. Terminal Drive is studio recording of a mythical piece of electro-acoustic music composed and performed in 1975 by Allen Ravenstine with assistance from Albert Dennis on string bass.
Terminal Drive's significance in terms of Cleveland underground music cannot be understated and has been cited as partially responsible for Ravenstine's invitation to co-form the musical unit Pere Ubu in September 1975.
Ravenstine gained recognition for his..

This is a bootleg repackaging of the first disc (the earliest material) from the now long out of print Grow Fins box set, so it's utterly worthless if you own that and really good and worthwhile and utterly revelatory if you don't!
1 Obeah Man (1965 Demo)
2 Just Got Back from the City (1966 Demo)
3 I'm Glad (1966 Demo)
4 Triple Combination (1966 Demo)
5 Here I Am Always I Am (Early 1966 Demo)
6 Here I Am Always I Am (Late 1966 Demo)
7 Somebody in My House (1966 Live)...

So, this is the 2nd release from this San Diego math-rock trio. Like Upsilon Acrux, also originally from San Diego, there is a lot of tapping and polyrhythms, but unlike Upsilon, Chon's sound is very happy, warm and sunny.
Yes. Happy, warm and sunny progcore mathrock. Believe it, baby.

"On their second full-length, San Diego's Chon continue to refine their complex yet highly listenable brand of knotty, mostly instrumental rock. The palm tree and pink tint on the album's cover, not to...

Think of the crazy, tap-guitar complexity of Upsilon Acrux. Then marry it with the deep, multi-part singing of Time of Orchids and that's the area this is working in. Really good, modern, underground/punky/avant-progressive.

"The long-awaited follow-up to 2013's X'ed Out, Trash Generator finds the Sacramento-based math rock unit turning in another singular set of knotty, hook-laden, anti-pop emissions that deliver daring feats of fingerboard wizardry, jerky time-signature-be-damned rhythmic...

"The Cuneiform label continues with its excellent job of documenting obscure and sought after Soft Machine recordings from the late '60s and early '70s." – Jazzwise

The Soft Machine line-up of Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall and Mike Ratledge lasted under half a year and recorded just one half of an album (side two of "5").
Live in Paris is a rare recording of this quartet during that lineup’s final days; Dean left Soft Machine later that month. It is also a special, rare...

This is a goldmine of material by the very short lived quartet of Sonny, Don Cherry, Billy Higgins and Sonny's usual bassist Bob Cranshaw.
It's Sonny coming about as close to the 'Ornette' sound as he ever got and it's great stuff.
Less than 40' of this material was issued back in the day, but now you can get the entire, multi-date engagement, in fabulous, professional sound quality!

This is something for Cecil Taylor fans worth checking out. All the existing tapes from Taylor's cafe Montmarte gig from 1962 have been collected along with three previously unheard tracks from the Golden Circle in Stockholm, Sweden, also from 1962. The Montmarte tracks feature a trio and the Circle tracks include bassist Kurt Lindstrom. Fans of Taylor will recognize this music from the albums "Live At The Cafe Montmarte" and "Nefertiti The Beautiful One Has Come". But having all existing tracks in one...

"For fans of early Gary Burton with Larry Coryell, the main reason to acquire this (66 + minutes) CD is the Burton Quartet's live set at the '67 Newport Jazz Festival. This concert has never been available, and anything by the quartet with Coryell is important. The other album here, "Something's Coming!", has been available as a stand alone CD, and is Burton's third album as a leader. If you've never heard it, it too is well worth having alongside other early Burton albums. I'm biased toward this era of...

"The PHQ undertook a number of tours after Roaring Forties and so it was natural that the (occasional) group was on Peter's mind when time came to record the next studio album. This was X My Heart. It might have been a blueprint for future work with the line-up, but in the event there were to be no more more live shows for this set-up.
It features one of his most beautiful ballads, "Earthbound," which features heartfelt vocals and a gorgeous string accompaniment. "Narcissus (Bar & Grill)" will...

"One of Hammill's many interestingly creative periods, The Margin represents his K period 82-85 with Nic Potter, Guy Ellis and VDGG original Guy Evans, one of my very favorite periods that produced studio efforts "Enter K" and "Patience". The Margin follows on as a representation of the magic they produced together in a live setting.
Recently reissued as a two disc expanded set (2002) with additional liner notes from Hammill this is a must own set for any collection that contains VDGG or Hammill...

"The London-based quintet Fofoulah (meaning "it's there" in Wolof) was formed in 2011 and features Tom Challenger (Red Snapper) on saxophone and keyboards, Phil Stevenson (Iness Mezel) on guitar, Johnny Brierley (Outhouse Ruhabi) on bass, Dave Smith (Robert Plant's Sensational Shape Shifters) on drums and Sabar drums, and Kaw Secka (Irok) on Sabar drums and tama. With the rhythms of the Sabar drums -- a traditional form of Wolof drumming from Gambia and Senegal -- at its heart, Fofoulah's music has...

"The idea for the show came when Bowie was approached by Burt Sugarman to create something for The Midnight Special rock series. Bowie's idea was a highly theatrical cabaret extravaganza featuring him and various rock groups and artists, performing in a futuristic setting. Michael Lipman, a Los Angeles lawyer specialising in the music industry, set up the deal in which Bowie was to have complete artistic control.
When news of the forthcoming event became public, British newspapers cried that the...

"Referred to an 'American Iconoclast' by the New York Times, Rosco Mitchell is an internationally recognized saxophonist, composer, and founder of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. 'Discussions Orchestra' is derived from several musical improvisations found on Roscoe Mitchell's 'Conversations with Kikanju Baku and Craig Taborn'. The songs have been transcribed and performed by a twenty piece orchestra."

"Samba Touré's previous album Albala was recorded during the fear-laden atmosphere of 2012, when northern Mali (including his ancestral village of Diré) had succumbed to sharia law and radical Islamist control and Bamako, his adopted home, still reeled in the chaos of the recent military coup. Albala received widespread acclaim and was rightfully recognized not only as the best album of Samba's career but also as an undeniable musical statement about the human toll of war and political crisis. Samba had...

"The sepia-tinged songs are sung and played live and direct by elderly Vietnamese musicians using half-forgotten traditional instruments. These musicians all have deep, personal connections to the upheavals of the Vietnam War; the recordings' mesmerizing mood navigates the blurred line between raw beauty and sadness. An album of cautious healing and an unforgettable meditation on conflict, resistance, collective memory, and the longing for what has been lost.
Recordist Ian Brennan recalls the...

"Guitarist and composer Terje Rypdal (1947) is probably as close as one gets to a living legend in Norwegian music. He has received a number of awards, including three Norwegian Grammies (Spellemannpris), the last being the honorary award in 2005.
Sky Music is a heartfelt celebration of an inspirational artist and truly unique guitarist who hasn't fully received the due credit and recognition he deserves for over 50 years of music making.
Initiated by the experimental US guitarist and lifelong..

"A vinyl-only release of two epic outtakes that didn't make the main album, Sky Music: A Tribute To Terje Rypdal, due to lack of space.
Guitarist and composer Terje Rypdal (1947) is probably as close as one gets to a living legend in Norwegian music. Sky Music is a heartfelt celebration of an inspirational artist and truly unique guitarist who hasn't fully received the due credit and recognition he deserves for over 50 years of music making.
Initiated by the experimental US guitarist and...

"Souffle Continu Records present the first vinyl edition of Jac Berrocal's La Nuit Est Au Courant, originally released on In Situ in 1991. Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" on the radio, Renaissance motets, his grandfather in a Zouave military band, Syrian deserts... Columns of tanks in the streets, the soundtrack to Robert Bresson's A Man Escaped (1956), Juan Manuel Fangio's car, the fall of the Berlin wall: from the first and fantastic Musiq Musik (1973), this is where Jac Berrocal's trumpet comes...