New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Bass Guitar, Trombone, Keyboards [Casio] – Jeb Bishop
Electric Guitar – Dylan Posa
Percussion – Weasel Walter
Synthesizer – Jim O’Rourke, Morgan Andrews (track 16)
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Synthesizer [Moog] – Chad Organ
Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] – Ken Vandermark (tracks: 1, 4, 8 to 12)

“"DxAxMx Revisited", a fully remastered, extended edition of The Flying Luttenbachers' landmark 1995 album, "Destroy All Music". This special edition inclu

This is your last chance on this apparently now out of print set!

Chicago’s Bitchin Bajas have released a bunch of great, vinyl-only, cosmic, deep space, electronic / krautrock albums.
Think Cluster + Terry Riley + 1975-era T Dream sequences and you get the idea.
This totally wonderful set takes all of their USA vinyl-only releases for Drag City and reissues them on CD for the first time in a nice and very reasonably priced package; you want this! “It wasn’t so long ago....”...

Another great and wonderfully annotated set, featuring the early sounds that led to the development of Afro-pop.

“This album comes as a CD with slipcase and 50-page outsize booklet.

This stunning new release on Soul Jazz Records looks at the explosion of music that came out of the Congo in the years leading up to independence in 1960. Congolese rumba, a wild combination of African, Jazz and Latin influences, created future stars of its now legendary creators – Franco, Grand Kalle, Tabu...

A pretty great collection of little known [outside of Africa] Afro-pop classics.

“Soul Jazz Records' Nigeria Soul Power 70 album showcases the influence of funk, rock and disco on Nigerian music during the 1970s. Originally released as a now-long-out-of-print collectors' 7' RSD box, this fully expanded album release now also includes extra tracks from Sonny Okosuns, Wings, Chief Kollington Ayinla and more. While for many people the fusion of funk and jazz music with Nigerian rhythms and aestheti

“This Tampa, Florida-based band formed at the dawn of the 1970s. Featuring Richard "Dickie" Porter (formerly of the superb Wilkinson Tri-Cycle), and Billy Jones and Monte Yoho (later to play with Southern rock legends Outlaws), their sole album spans hard rock, psychedelic pop, and gentle ballads.
Originally issued in the summer of 1971, this is its first-ever reissue. Includes detailed liner notes and images.”

“A weird mix between loud hard rock and groovy sunshine rock, more of the latter.

Dave Brubeck – piano
Paul Desmond - alto saxophone
Eugene Wright – bass
Joe Morello – drums

“Dave Brubeck was already a living legend by the time this concert was performed for broadcast on Radio Suisse. Featuring his classic quartet with Paul Desmond on sax, it takes in material that had been in their repertoire for years, as well as newer material from their Time Changes (1963) and Jazz Impressions Of Japan (1964) albums.
Versatile, smooth, and powerful, the entire Radio Suis

Having earned renown with Miles Davis (including contributions to the landmark Kind Of Blue in 1959), by 1965 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was well established as one of America's leading jazz saxophonists and composers.
Originally broadcast on WABC-FM's "Portraits In Jazz", this superb set from The Half Note on February 5, 1965 also features his brother (and long-term collaborator) Nat on cornet, future fusion supremo Joe Zawinul on piano, and the brilliant Charles Lloyd on tenor sax.”

“Jaco Pastorius established himself as one of the greatest electric jazz bassists before forming a big band, Word Of Mouth, in the early 1980s.
Taken from a National Public Radio "Jazz Set" broadcast of a concert at the Kool Jazz Festival in New York Lincoln's Center on June 27, 1982, this set features versions of songs from both Word Of Mouth albums.
Also included is "Mr. Fone Bone", a composition by Word Of Mouth member Bob Mintzer that would never be issued on a Pastorius album during...

Pharoah Sanders - tenor saxophone, percussion
Lonnie Liston Smith – piano
Norman "Sirone" Jones – bass
Majeed Shabazz - drums

“Having made his name playing with John Coltrane as of 1965, Pharoah Sanders soon came to be recognized as one of the most innovative jazz players of his generation. Having formed his own quartet, he was invited to perform at the Antibes Jazz Festival in Juan-les-Pins, France on July 20, 1968.
Originally broadcast on French radio station WDR3, this super

“This new facsimile vinyl edition of “A Curious Feeling” has been remixed from the original master tapes by Nick Davis and Tony Banks. The result is in a more dynamic sounding album, with the vinyl cut prepared at Abbey Road studios.”

“Tony Banks’ first solo album borrowed faint elements of Genesis' early progressive sound, making his debut release the strongest in his catalog. Solid keyboard movements lend themselves to mystic, fantasy-like excursions found in tracks such as "From the Undertow...

As a very long time fan of both of these gents, I was very thrilled to see them collaborate. It’s an obvious but also not SO obvious teamup!

"A veritable Clash of the Titans of English Pop music… a musical meeting of minds to rival King Kong Vs. Godzilla but, sadly, with no Ishirō Honda to chronicle an event of such magnitude and, with both participants being English, the actual meeting was less the cause of earthquakes and tsunamis, more a case of...Tea and a chat, followed by some – typically...

This is their first recordings, originally released on cassette and ONLY sold at gigs in 1988/1989 + two previously unreleased tracks from the same era.
Very early ambient dub rave, and probably their furthest out / spaciest stuff. At its most ‘clubby’ it sounds like Chrome Hoof taking itself seriously ,and at its most out, it sounds like a cross between Rainbow Dome Music and Ashra.

“The mysterious ambient-dub and tribal house unit known as Astralasia fits in with other British electro...

“UK musician Richard Wileman is probably best known for releasing 14 albums as the composer behind studio project Karda Estra. Inspired by weird soundtracks, easy listening, gothic and library music, art pop, dark folk and prog rock, his solo recordings and gigs feature new songs and instrumentals plus rearrangements of Karda Estra pieces that can fit into a live setting.”

One of Frank’s greatest and also most loved works, now HUGELY expanded with basically every morsel included and 5 CDs of unheard stuff.

“Limited six CD set. The Hot Rats Sessions box set celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest albums in the history of recorded music. The original 1969 Frank Zappa album was the first record to be recorded on a prototype 16-track tape machine.
Self-described as a 'Movie For Your Ears,' it was technically the second solo outing for the composer..

Wendy Gondeln - violin, electronic treatments, and more
Mats Gustafsson - piano mate, saxophones, and live electronics
Wolfgang Voigt - editing and mix (track 3 and 8)
Martin Siewert - guitar and lap top guitar (track 1 and 7)

“In 2018, Mats Gustafsson provided raw saxophonic material for the elusive Wendy Gondeln, who sometimes applied a scalpel, sometimes a pneumatic drill, to rework, remix, reimagine all the Swede's squeaks, pops, blats, and tones. In some places, Gondeln adds....

David Grubbs – guitar
Mats Gustafsson - flute, fluteophone, baritone saxophone, live electronicsr
Rob Mazurek - piccolo trumpet, wooden flute, electronics, percussion, voicer
“An übertrio drawn from distinct parts of the creative music spectrum, The Underflow was recorded during a sizzling two-night stand in May 2019. In a series of duets and trios, guitarist David Grubbs, saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and trumpeter Rob Mazurek met headlong for the first time, converging not only their...

Arto Lindsay – guitar
Joe McPhee - alto and tenor saxophone, pocket trumpet
Ken Vandermark - tenor and baritone saxophone, clarinet
Phil Sudderberg, drums

“One day in the studio, something ridiculously great happened. It was deep Chicago winter, cold as shit. Four musicians assembled for a round-robin set of improvisations -- duets, trios, a few quartets. Approached casually, the late morning bloomed into Largest Afternoon, 15 crackling encounters between guitarist Arto Lindsay...

Joe McPhee - tenor saxophone
Fred Lonberg-Holm cello/electronics

“Despite having worked together in innumerable settings, including the longstanding Survival Unit III, with drummer Michael Zerang, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee have never released a CD of duets.
In an extra intimate studio setting in upstate New York, where both players reside, No Time Left for Sadness demonstrates their incredible musical understanding.
Recalling some of...

“A reissue of Willem Breuker and Han Bennink's New Acoustic Swing Duo, originally released in 1967. Late in 1967, saxophonist Willem Breuker and drummer Han Bennink recorded the first LP for the new artist-run free improvised music label, ICP Records. New Acoustic Swing Duo was an instant classic, and remains one of the most enduring documents of Dutch improvised music ever recorded.
With Breuker's omnidirectional reed work, which ranges from plaintive to excoriating, occasional sneering tone adds...