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Mario Marolt: sax #3, #5, #10, #12
Nino De Gleria: bass #4
Hugo Sekoranja: piano #11
Mire Lovric: vocal #14
Borut Krzisnik: guitar, piano, sampler, rhythm machine, tape, noise
Anton Kovac: bass #13, rhythm machine #15

“Borut Krzisnik is a Slovenian composer of contemporary music, based in Ljubljana. With his unique way of composing, he integrates live playing and music software on computer platform, and breaks free from confines of specific methodology.

Tim Hodgkinson-Steel Guitar [Lap], Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet [Klarnet], Alto Saxophone, Sounds [Sound Manipulation], Voice, Tüngür [Dungur], Percussion, Ocarina
Ken Hyder-Percussion, Percussion [Drum Kit], Tüngür [Dungur], Voice, Ektare [Ektara, Bass Ektara], Sounds [Sound Manipulation]
Gendos Chamzyryn-Voice, Tüngür [Dungur], Percussion, Doshpuluur, Cello, Performer [Chadagan, Khomous], Ocarina

“The one album, I'd say, that deserves a perfect score on concept alone.

Giorgio Brugnone-electric bass
Sergio Cacherano Staropoli-drums, percussion, voice
Michel Brieda-synthesizer, drum machine, autoharp, tapes

“Complex mostly instrumental compositions from this Italian band, led primarily by drummer Staropoli. Interesting rhythmic ideas in this virtual "soundtrack" that includes forays into electronics and many unusual compositional areas most associated with modern progressive or RIO genres - think Henry Cow crossed with Fat or Univers Zero and you might..

"A remarkable set of pieces for mediated acoustic piano that operates in the shadowy territory between what is playable and what is programmable; between narrative simplicity and performative complexity; between hopeful intentionality and flawless execution. Unusually, Steve has put our ear right inside the piano, sans artificial reverberations and blurring tools and, over the course of the CD, various musical dialects are explored and extended - from the plausible, through the exquisite, to the...

"Careful compositions converse with focused improvisations under the precise direction of Steve MacLean who, on this CD, after various excursions that took him through experimental works for piano, interactive insect/guitar compositions and pure electronics, returns to a performing band and a journey through complex polyrhythmic compositions imaginatively intercut with careful, atmospheric inventions, for guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion and various objects. There is a quiet rigour, almost a formality...

"Maksymenko plays drums with the force and power of a thousand supercomputers, he composes with the originality of a team of duck billed platypuses writing a sequel to Gravity's Rainbow, and he's more fun to listen to than Disneyland."-Henry Kaiser.

This is a collection of some of the very small but very great work by drummer/composer Michael Maksymenko, best known - if at all - for the amazing album and EP he did with the trio Kraldjuranstalten.
It collects eight tracks by Kraldjursanstan...

Totally wonderful round up of all the 7” and EP titles that Geoff Leigh (ex-Henry Cow) released in the late 70s and early 80s. Quite wonderful arty-art-damaged post punk whatever whoo-haa! Recommended.

“Zig-zagged music, the specialty of MCCB. Across a wide spectrum of sound comes minimal electronics, jilted avantpop, artpunx, and progressive music. Some folk in there as well, somehow. This is a very fine collection of Leigh's various musings, and with it his sharp humor and immense talent shines...

Tito Pueblo-vocals
Bill Gilonis-guitar (of The Work)
Ilja Komarov-bass
Trixa Arnold-drums

"Tito Pueblo, aka Rob Murphy (Orchestre Murphy), has been responsible for some terrible lapses of judgement & taste. Here he gives us an album of post-Beatles pop songs that deal with the key issues of our times - drinking, sex, love, melancholy, obsession, & drinking. Expect fake French accordion, ludicrous cowboy songs & Flamenco rip-offs."-Chris Cutler

"This is the 13th release from Australian maverick trio The Necks, now approaching their 20th Anniversary, and still occupying a genre-group of one. Their slow, gripping, development of a single idea over the length of a whole CD, while somehow obvious, has proved un-copyable, mostly because it so much depends on the unique musical personalities and extreme virtuosity of these three, profoundly different, musicians.
Having established their theme, The Necks, with Chemist, break the habit of a...

“Dark and majestic, News from Babel remains ahead of their time.”-Michael Draine

“The second record by this group (Lindsay Cooper, Zeena Parkins and Chris Cutler) with invitees Robert Wyatt, Sally Potter, Phil Minton and Dagmar Krause who sing, and Bill Gilonis (of The Work) who plays occasional guitar and bass, and who also produced the recording.
These are extended songs, unusually orchestrated and arranged and not much like anything else recorded before or since. Re-mastered and...

“Dark and majestic, News from Babel remains ahead of their time.”-Michael Draine

“News from Babel was the song project inaugurated by Chris Cutler with fellow ex Henry Cow composer Lindsay Cooper. The pieces for this first LP were written for a band that also included Zeena Parkins (harp - her first recording with the instrument) and the incomparable Dagmar Krause (another ex-band member) singing.
Using the studio as an instrument and experimenting with unusual instrumentation and techniques.

"Tired of hearing music designed for teenagers? Bored with all that revisionist jazz and self-indulgent art-noise? Here's something completely unexpected, from veterans of Motor Totemist Guild, Thinking Plague, 5UU's, and Giant Ant Farm. The result of this detour from their usual avant-gardism is a splendid recording, made mostly live in a barn in the south of France, of a 21st Century song-cycle representing a tongue-in-cheek manifesto for middle age in crisis. But this is not a collection of songs so....

“The second release from this abstract trio who mingle hard electronics with acoustic and processed percussion. A more focused, subtle aesthetic here, I think, than on their last also excellent - CD. These are finely tuned and seamlessly integrated sounds that have been crafted and, importantly, performed; this is essentially played music that had been painstakingly reworked, and bears still the deep qualities of interactivity and immediacy that created it.”-Chris Cutler

"Improvisation is the...

Pretty heavily left-field album of music mostly for brass and reeds, bass, drums and accordion, with medium wave radio broadcasts somehow filtered in on 3 of the five tracks. I don't know what to say and what do you say about a release as quietly and defiantly outside of today’s mainstream as this?; this sounds like my parent's Xavier Cugat album broadcast to Mars and back again. Meant completely in a good way.

"Just when you think it’s all over, along comes something completely unpredictable...

“Lesego Rampolokeng (born 7 July 1965) is a South African writer, playwright and performance poet. He came to prominence in the 1980s, a very turbulent time in South Africa. His poetry often criticises the establishment. His first instalment of poetry was Horns for Hondo (1991) and this was followed by End Beginnings (1993).
Lesego collaborates with musicians. He has performed in many countries and with musicians such as Julian Bahula, Soulemane Toure, Louis Mhlanga and Gunther 'Baby' Sommer.”

We did a deep dig into the lost warehouse to come up with these; they are new and unplayed, but they’ve been sitting for over 30 years and there may be small corner dings, seam splits from travel, etc etc.
These are the original issues on Points East, which was ReR’s pre-CD vinyl label ‘dedicated solely to new music from Central Europe’.

“Reportaż's "W górę rzeki" (Up the River) is not only their best album, but it is in fact the best album of whole Polish avant-prog scene - and I know it...

Chris Cutler-drums, low-grade electronics
Amy Denio-vocals
Bob Drake-bass, vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
Fred Frith-guitars
Claudio Puntin-bass clarinet
Stevan Tickmayer-keyboards, electronics.

Compositions by Stevan & lyrics by Chris.
This is the latest 'art song' work from Chris and assorted musicians & is in the tradition of News From Babel, Art Bears, etc.

Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer-keyboards & sampler
Bob Drake-bass, occasional guitar & organ
Chris Cutler-drums & electrified kit
Mike Johnson-guitars

Muchly awaited and anticipated 'instrumental complex rock deluxe' album. Mike Johnson is a great guitarist, and one of the aspects of his greatness is the fact that he doesn't show off, but only uses his talents as needed to put whatever he plays on in the best light. Well, the best light here includes some hellacious playing from him and fro

2005 remastered reissue of this classic album recorded by Peter Blegvad, Dagmar Krause and Anthony Moore in 1973. Produced by Uwe Nettelbeck (Faust's producer), engineered by Kurt Grauner (Faust’s engineer) and backed by Faust themselves at their legendary studio in Wumme, Germany.
Amazingly, this incredible album – maybe their best – was turned down by Virgin who made them re-do the album in a much less interesting way (and without Faust) in the early 70s and it lay unreleased until the mid 80's...

“Slapp Happy meanwhile was planning its second record for Virgin. One night the trio showed up at the quartet's door and proposed that the two groups make the second Slapphappy LP together...Henry Cow jumped at the chance and Desperate Straights was the result. It's still a gem to my ears, and now at last it's possible to release it, properly re-mastered (by Bob Drake), its sound closer to the original tapes even than our earlier Nimbus vinyl pressing. Great songs, great arrangements, great performances...

We did a deep dig into the lost warehouse to come up with these; they are new and unplayed, but they’ve been sitting for over 30 years and there may be small corner dings, seam splits from travel, etc etc.
These are the original issues on Points East, which was ReR’s pre-CD vinyl label ‘dedicated solely to new music from Central Europe’.

"The musicians do not bear any responsibility for publishing these tapes"

“Strannye Igry (Russian: Странные игры, Strange Games) was a Soviet...

Recorded live in 1984 at one of Sun Ra's many US concerts, this captures the Arkhestra in full big band mode, blowing up a storm that could probably be heard on Venus. This is a good, solid, representative mid 80's show with very good sonics (by Ra standards) by the Arkestra.

“This is a stunning late period Ra album. Beautiful space-chants and atonal keyboard freakouts plus a mix of Ellingtonian Ra-jazz as only the Arkestra could do it.
Maybe not the album to start with if you are unfamiliar..

Great package, good liner notes, with the usual crazy Sun Ra-related stories (which always seem to revolve around Ra trying to fleece a fan or a label - believe me, I've heard a few myself) and excellent live sound and music.

"Two related classic Saturn LP reissues on a single CD, both recorded at the Detroit Jazz Centre - in 1980 and 1981 respectively. They share an excellent sound quality and great playing - there's a classic version of Rocket No.9 and plenty of otherworldly Moog and...

"Between “Blue & Yellow” and “Deceit” came the EP, “Health & Efficiency”. It bridges a gap between the mostly improvisational former, and the highly composed latter, showing great diversity in the band’s sound in general, as well as nicely documenting their two extreme directions.
The title track is This Heat’s single most high-energy piece ever, and is a tour de force of singing, ensemble playing and sound texture; It is propelled along by Charles Bullen’s signature guitar strumming & ratcheting...

"Repeat is This Heat’s fourth album proper, posthumously released in 1993. It harbours the most extreme musical side of This Heat’s experimental tendencies on disc, and is assuredly the band’s most radical offering. The title track is an oxymoron: An extended/edited version of the piece “24 Track Loop”, which had been previously issued on the Recommended Records’ double lp sampler in 1981, heard here sans the harmonizer effect. The original tracks were produced by David Cunningham (Flying Lizards)...

This Heat's amazingly good first album, first released in 1979, and consisting of several years worth of creative and hard work, distilled down into 40-some minutes of gripping music. At a time when, except for punk, there wasn't much happening in creative music, This Heat showed that there was another path. Remastered by the group in 2005.

"This Heat, the band, emerged in early 1976 on the leading edge of what became the new wave, but they were always apart, more scary and more subtle....

“A suite of fiendishly complex compositions for mixed real and virtual resources. Bob Drake, Djorge Delibasic, Pegja Milosavljevic and Chris Cutler make appearances - playing electric guitar, bass, drums and virtuoso violin between them, but mainly it is Stevan who plays all kinds of keyboards, strings, double bass, zither, samples and software.
Three thoroughly through-composed and finely articulated pieces make up this very concentrated suite: Concerto Grosso (for keyboards, string instruments and..

The ReR Quarterly was a series run by Chris Cutler and ReR in the middle / late 80s that included a vinyl lp and large magazine bundled together. It featured interesting articles - some quite in depth - about music and sound and art and music that 'related'.
Basically it was the sort of thing that was really fun and really handsome and that the internet killed off completely
This CD features some of the things featured on the first volume (4 issues) of the quarterly.
Included are...

The early 1980s seemingly weren't a great time for creative music. Punk had come, swept away all the old (both good and bad - they didn't care!) and had mostly self-destructed by then, leaving the generally less interesting 'new wave' and all its subsets, all of which seemed to be made to get people to dress up 'creatively' and go out, snort cocaine and dance ('punk disco', my wife called it then). While there *were* a few exciting signs if you knew where to look for it, for the most part the collision...

Bob Drake: drums, bass, backing vocals, tapes, viola
Susanne Lewis: vocals, guitar, viola, accordion, synths

Venus Handcuffs is an early, pre-Hail project by Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis, both of whom were working in Thinking Plague at the time they were also simultaneously doing this duo work.

"Referred to as "a cross between Throbbing Gristle and Nick Cave" during the band's lifetime, Venus Handcuffs got their start in the ranks of Colorado's most far-reaching band, Thinking...

Woof was Tim Hodgkinson's label. This release is a pretty big deal, if only for the inclusion of the really, really great "I Do, I Do...I Don’t, I Don’t" EP by Tim and Bill Gilonis, which has been unavailable for over 20 years, was a miserable grotty pressing to begin with, and was Tim's very first post-Cow recordings and the roots of The Work. Not to mention the inclusion of Houdini, one of The Work's!

"This CD comprises all four 7” releases by the British underground....

When Henry Cow fell apart in the summer of 1978, the main players in the band dispersed. Fred Frith left England to settle in NYC for a good number of years, getting involved the then just beginning to evolve 'downtown' sound, recording three excellent and high-profile albums for Ralph Records, forming first Massacre and then Skeleton Crew. Chris Cutler formed the Art Bears and also was an important member of Cassiber. Lindsay Cooper and Georgie Born did a lot of musical improvising and John Greaves had...

Here's something I *never* thought I would see; an album of 'new' (new as in unheard) material by The Work! If you don’t know The Work, they were formed by Tim Hodgkinson after Henry Cow and they are one of the greatest ‘difficult rock music’ bands of the 80s and one of the least heralded.

"The 4th World is the band's long-lost, never before issued, very last album, from 1994. Succeeding See by some two years, it shares that album's aesthetics and approach -- an economy of means, and superior...

We did a deep dig into the lost warehouse to come up with these; they are new and unplayed, but they’ve been sitting for over 30 years and there may be small corner dings, seam splits from travel, etc etc.
These are the original issues on Points East, which was ReR’s pre-CD vinyl label ‘dedicated solely to new music from Central Europe’.

“This is an extraordinary record from a group who build their own instruments from metal, springs, transducers, electronic parts, as well playing more...

"Classic recording by the ever deeper Russian instrument builders and masters of live electroacoustic/song/sound sculptures. Dangerous, Bitter, Desperate and Down to the Bone, but carrying a huge emotional charge and a rare beauty. This is lived music, both mature and profound."-Chris Cutler

Long out of print second ReR release by this Rigan electro-acoustic ensemble. “Stonery industrial with noise pop hints. Great and psychedelic.”